Mr. Beast Schools Twitter User Who Criticized His Philanthropy YouTube Videos

Mr. Beast Has Been Called Out

Being a public figure is no small feat. While you would think that everything would be a bed of roses with popularity, think again. The following also brings along trolls who make a note of every wrongdoing. With the spread of social media and the visibility of both good and bad people, it becomes even easier for trolls to get to you through a small comment or video clip. One such incident took place involving YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, who recently helped restore the eyesight of 1,000 curable blind people. However, his good deed was attacked on Twitter by a user.

The Social Media Criticism

The usually philanthropic YouTuber was criticized by a Twitter user, who stated that people who praise things like ‘good guy Mr. Beast’ ignore the reality that he makes a profit from these kinds of videos. He further added that Mr. Beast’s actions weren’t really charity. Showing utter class in response, the YouTuber replied to the Tweet saying that 100% of all revenue from Beast Philanthropy goes towards running his food banks, adding that he has personally put in millions since inception. He concluded by saying that the whole point is to make content around helping people to generate more money to help more people.

His Followers Defend Him

His Followers Defend Him

Followers of the YouTuber also came to his rescue after which the critics limited the visibility of their tweets. One said that it was strange to see the critics harping on this. Others stated that even if Mr. Beast was pocketing some money from the revenue generated, it is a well-deserved kickback since the bottom line was he was bringing about positive change. Another added that it was wild to see people who have never given a dollar to charity criticizing the YouTuber for giving 20,000 shoes to kids in Africa.