Missing Blind Golden Retriever Returns Home After Three Weeks in the Alaskan Wilderness

A Golden Retriever named Lulu was recently found in the Alaskan wilderness, three weeks after she went missing from home. Unfortunately, Lulu had become blind due to cataracts in both eyes, and her owners feared that she wouldn’t be able to find her way back if he ever escaped their yard. But, miraculously, the sightless dog did find his way home after three weeks of wandering alone in the wilderness.

The Heartwarming Story

On June 18, Lulu wandered away from the Kubacki family’s home in Alaska. When the Kubackis began to worry that their pet would never be back home, a construction crew in Sitka, Alaska, found Lulu hiding in some roadside brush on July 5. Upon first sighting Lulu, the crew thought it was a bear. However, they soon realized she was an elderly dog who needed help. She had lost 23 pounds, had become dehydrated, and was filthy. The Kubacki family had lost almost all hopes of ever finding their beloved golden retriever. But, after weeks of searching, they were overjoyed when they got the call that Lulu had been found. Locals donated money to pay vet bills and made Kubacki’s life much easier, since the elderly dog had many health problems that needed to be tackled.

Lessons from Lulu’s Survival Story

The blind golden retriever went missing in the Alaska wilderness for three weeks but miraculously survived. There are lessons for all of us in her story. If you’re ever lost in an unfamiliar place, always remember to stay close to water sources because they are likely to have animals you can eat. If you cannot find any food near your location or don’t know how to hunt or fish (Lulu’s owner says she doesn’t), drinking as much water as possible is essential since dehydration will lead to death within three days of exposure. Keeping your wits about you is the most important thing to remember.