A Self-Made Millionaire Decided to Give Away 99% of His Wealth

Dave Fishwick has cracked the solution of teaching his kids and everyone else the value of hard work and earning money. Fishwick, a millionaire, plans to donate 99% of his fortune when he passes away so that his children stay encouraged to work and make their own place in the world. Like everybody else, Dave also wants to pass on his diligence, good values, and integrity to the next generation rather than the burden of riches.

The History of Dave Fishwick

Fishwick, a man from Burnley who dropped out of school at 16 with no formal education, set on a beautiful journey where he made a fortune selling minibusses and soon moved to the financial sector after recognizing his true potential. He started his community bank, Burnley Savings and Loans, in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis, which helped grow many local businesses. A self-made millionaire, who owns and flies his own helicopter, still has his humanity intact, has found just the perfect way to inspire his kids. You can watch his full-life story, Bank of Dave, one of the most-watched movies worldwide, on Netflix. The movie has already gained the millionaire quite a lot of media attention.

A Millionaire Influencing Generations

Fishwick believes children must work diligently towards finding their own paths, as he, too, worked every job with full conviction and, in his starting years, had the experience of working three jobs simultaneously. It helped him understand the true nature of work ethics and why everyone should go through it to reach their dreams. In an interview, the millionaire disclosed that whenever he came back from a fancy place or big event, his wife would always offer him a simple meal – corned beef hash or cottage pie for tea – to keep his conscience grounded.