Here’s a Hack to Winning Monopoly at All Your Parties

Monopoly, a board game that has been a partner on so many night outs, house parties, and family get-togethers, has been known to bring people together. Well, if you are planning to have a night filled with fun, screaming, and lots of madness, learn this mathematically-proven hack to win the game this time.

It’s All About the Properties

A mathematics student did his research and figured out that monopoly is more than just a game of luck. Although it makes a huge difference in where you land after rolling the dice, if you know what properties to invest in, there is no way you can lose. The student explained how he figured out this trick while he was working on his project. He based his theory on the Markov Chain.

The Orange Benefit

The Go to Jail square functions as a sort of drain, limiting the chances that spaces following it will be landed on, whereas the Jail square functions as a source, increasing the likelihood that spaces after it will be landed on. This results in a higher possibility of the player landing in the orange spaces. If you consider the money you invest, the money you earn, and the likelihood of landing on that square, you can figure out the expected return of that monopoly. Therefore, orange is what you need to be aiming for. These are the most secure spaces for greater expected returns, and a player can anticipate breaking even with these properties in the fewest number of turns.

The Green Properties

The green little houses have the highest and best-expected return compared to others. However, this strategy is not too safe as the time taken for the money you invested in these to pay off is significantly longer. Therefore, it is your decision if you want to end the game quickly by picking the little orange buildings or do you want to torture your cousins for the entire night.