Simulation Shows the Experience of Falling Into a Black Hole

If you are a curious person, then what we are going to talk about today is definitely going to grab your attention. Everyone has heard about the dark, black hole that exists in our universe. Have you ever thought about how terrifying it would be if someone actually gets sucked into it? Well, if this question intrigues you, then there is a simulator that will answer your question.

What Is Black Hole

If you are new to the world of science and do not know what a black hole is, NASA has explained it. A black hole is a region where gravity pulls so strongly that even light cannot escape. In other words, you’re toast if you get sucked in while you’re out on your space excursions. Although you might imagine black holes to be large, expansive objects in space, it turns out that their sizes vary greatly, with the smallest measuring just one atom in size.

What Does it Feel Like

Well, to put it in simpler terms, the feeling of being sucked up inside the black hole is like having a really bad hangover. At the beginning of the experience, it will make you feel a bit unwell, slowly losing consciousness. As you go further, the hole will keep getting bigger, and soon, all you will feel is darkness.

The Viral YouTube Video

After the simulation, the simulator posted a YouTube video of what happened inside the black hole during this experiment and had a detailed discussion about the entire experiment. People equally participated and flooded the comment section. Some called it the scariest thing they have ever watched, while some could feel their anxiety levels hitting the roof. However, you do not have to worry about it at all. NASA confirmed that it is practically impossible for the Earth or anything on it to be sucked inside this giant, dark, black hole. Whew! We all are safe.

KFC Is Working On Creating Chicken Nuggets Using 3D Bioprinting

The reason vegetarians don’t eat meat is that they believe consuming animals is wrong. What happens, though, when the meat no longer comes from a living source, but rather a laboratory? KFC seems to be asking that question with the revelation that they’re looking to create the world’s first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets.

Fresh From The Lab

It seems that there’s nothing science can’t do. Just when you thought you’d heard the craziest development yet, a fast-food restaurant chain announces that it wants to serve 3D-printed chicken nuggets. KFC has revealed that they’re collaborating with 3D Bioprinting Solutions to create food out of chicken cells and plant material. It might sound like a wacky idea, but it could reduce the need for breeding animals for food.

Facing A Challenge

The 3D printing company has primarily been tasked with two objectives here. One, developing a product that tastes and feels like chicken without it being taken straight from the animal. Two, recreating the “signature KFC taste” through ingredients provided by the fast-food giant. The former will be the real challenge, with 3D bioprinting still a slow and tricky process. However, KFC seems confident that their nuggets will be available for testing in a matter of months.

Restaurant Of The Future

This new food product is apparently all part of KFC’s aim to create the restaurant of the future. They hope that serving 3D-printed nuggets will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption due to the lack of farming required. This is the kind of positive change that we could definitely use in the future. However, the question is whether or not people will jump at the chance to eat meat that was grown in a laboratory.

Whether this marks a new chapter for fast-food restaurants depends on how KFC’s nuggets fare when they hit the market. If all goes to plan, though, chicken nuggets as we know them could disappear forever.