Lone moose spotted on the Sunrise Road in Washington

It’s fascinating how nature works. A species that you might have not thought to see wandering the streets was seen a few days ago in the most unexpected location. A moose was spotted around the wilds of Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. This isn’t somewhere that one usually has wildlife encounters. In fact, it was seen some 500 kilometers away from where much variety is found, which is the Selkirk Mountains.

Rangers Spotted the Lone Moose

While the Rangers were on their tour, they encountered a member of the deer family, a moose, loosely wandering on Sunrise Road. When they saw this seven-foot-tall creature, this is when one of them decided to click a picture and share its picture. Earlier during the summers, the group had a similar encounter, and they suspected it was the same moose they saw back then at Resort Creek.

The Excitement Hit the Roof

While it was a scary incident for the people of Washington, it was an exciting experience for the Rangers. When they first saw the animal, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They kept confirming it amongst themselves. In fact, they took it to Facebook, and here is exactly how the caption for the picture went: “Is that a MOOSE??? Yes, that IS a moose spotted on Sunrise Road!!! This is the first recorded moose sighting from within Mount Rainier National Park and southwestern Washington! Yes, we know, that’s a lot of exclamation points, but we are really excited about this sighting!”

Hitting One Million Views

When they got the news, they went crazy! In fact, it confirms that there are over a million animals of the species alive in the United States itself, as per the estimate done in 2015. The weird part? Only 5,000 of those can be seen in Washington or anywhere around it. The wild really is out of everybody’s control.