Honey Benefits That Would Make You Want to Consume it Everyday

Raw Honey Has So Many Benefits

Most of us have heard of home remedies which are all centered around the goodness of honey. For decades, people have consumed honey in different ways because of its magical properties. Here is everything you need to know about honey and its many benefits.

Everything You Need to Know About Raw Honey

Everything You Need to Know About Raw Honey

Raw honey is in its purest form and is neither processed nor filtered. In order to identify if the honey you are holding in your hand is pure, you need to see the label for the word ‘raw’ or ‘unpasteurized.’ Another way to check is to look at its taste, smell, and color. Raw honey has a very distinct flavor, is dark in color, and has a very earthy note to it. Additionally, you also need to check out the ingredients printed on the bottle and ensure it doesn’t have any additives to it.

All-in-One Natural Remedy

Raw honey is rich in antioxidants that help in reducing inflammation in your body. People who eat honey regularly have a lower chance of getting chronic diseases and a strong immune system. In addition to that, raw honey also keeps the digestive system healthy and is an aid for acid reflux. Honey has enzymes that help in breaking down food.

For Glowing Skin

The antibacterial property of raw honey is good for anyone who has redness, itchiness, or inflammation on their skin. Instead of popping down bitter tablets, consuming a sweet delight can actually heal your skin. Also, honey helps people get better sleep as it is a form of glucose, and research shows that intaking glucose before bed helps in a deeper sleep. Now, you know what they say, good sleep equals good skin.

Lowers Cholesterol

Higher cholesterol means free radicals that slowly damage your body cells. The antioxidants present in raw honey combat this effect and help in reducing cholesterol levels. Additionally, the consumption of raw honey helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol levels in the human body.

A Natural Sweetener

A Natural Sweetener

No matter if you are diabetic, are trying to lose some weight, or are working on yourself to feel more energetic, raw honey helps in all that. This natural sweetener not only satisfies your sweet craving but also helps in keeping your energy level up. Also, it is a great substitute for people who are cutting down on their sugar intake. One can use it in coffee, tea, oatmeal, shakes, smoothies, yogurt, and other sweets and enjoy guilt-free delights.

Research Shows Dogs Have Emotional Reunions With Their Favorite Human

Dogs are so emotionally connected to their owners that they end up in tears when they see them after being away from them, according to a new study. They get so excited and happy to meet their favorite person that they express their love through tears. It seems that having a dog is a journey of love that keeps getting better and better.

The Study

Research findings in the journal Current Biology explain dogs’ emotional responses after their reunion with their owners. It’s believed that over the years, dogs have evolved so much and have become better at communication than other animals. They have mastered the ability to communicate with humans through their eyes. Tears in their eyes are proof of how deep and mutual the relationship is between a pet and its owner. The study suggested that instead of counting the tears they shed, what matters is the volume of those tears in their eyes. They compared the volume of tears when dogs are at home to when they reunite with their owners. Dogs don’t normally weep like humans, but they express it through something commonly known as puppy-dog eyes.

Tearful Dogs Are Happy Dogs

Many research has shown that when a dog meets its owner, its body releases oxytocin in their body which is commonly known as the love hormone. This hormone is known for social bonding and care as it increases the volume of tears in their eyes. Author Takefumi Kikusui explained that the tears shed by the dogs are associated with positive emotions. He believes that they have become like a partner to humans and form deep bonds with them. Now, we all know how dogs react in a happy situation, but how they express their emotions when they are sad is still a mystery for researchers.