Reviewing the Coros Apex 2 Pro Watch

There are some great smartwatch options available that you can check out, but there are others that don’t seem to offer much value. Accidentally pressing the side buttons on expensive sport watches can mess up the records; therefore, you need something with a lock. That is why one of the best wristband smartwatches is the Coros Apex 2 Pro watch. It has a number of interesting features to help you keep track of your fitness activities in a convenient manner.

The Unique Features

The Apex 2 Pro by Coros was launched last year and comes with a nylon strap and dual-frequency GPS, which enable more accurate tracking and can measure up to 46.5 millimeters across. The watch can help you achieve your training plan more effectively. The watch makes a speed development plan for you that alters your long-running sessions to short, intense anaerobic intervals, so you can run farther and faster. To push you to achieve your goals, it sends you live updates of your progress; you will be alerted every time you miss out on a targeted speed, or you can alter your pace if you have to go fast or slow. And if we have to talk about the watch’s battery life, it won’t disappoint you; it is long enough for you to last a whole weekend of trekking. In fact, you can easily track a variety of activities, including walking and running, for weeks.

Dual-Frequency GPS

The dual-frequency GPS positioning is crucial for Coros, especially since it uses EvoLab, which is a customized sports science platform. The only way you can access the features offered by EvoLab on their watch is through their running sessions. Programs like EvoLab are considered to be optimal if you’re interested in improving as a runner.

Wrist Navigation

Even though Apex 2 Pro offers a lot of features, one thing it lacks is proper navigation. The watch has some preloaded maps on it, which are far easier to use on an LCD screen. In the case of topographic maps, you will have to manually download them, which is going to occupy the 32 GB of storage available in the watch; so, approximately, you can download around ten routes if kept as GPX files. And since the watch does not offer any interference with the music providers, you will need to download the MP3 files as well. Additionally, other features that Apex 2 Pro failed to provide are NFC integration, automatic fall detection, and emergency SOS service.

Scientists Claim JSWT Data Liable to Be Misinterpreted by Existing Model

Scientists Claim JSWT Data Liable to Be Misinterpreted by Existing Model

The James Webb Space Telescope (JSWT) has helped make a lot of progress in our study of space. One of its major roles is to help scientists study the atmospheres of nearby stars. However, a team of astronomers has recently raised doubts that the data collected from JSWT is liable to be misinterpreted.

The Doubts

Earth’s atmosphere has changed significantly due to the presence of life on the planet. Astrobiologists study the atmospheres of different worlds in the hope that they can find distinctive signatures that tell if there’s life on a planet that’s completely or mostly dead. However, according to Dr. Julien de Wit of MIT, there’s a risk of overestimation when calculating the molecular abundance from JSWT data. As Wit explains, a compound like water being present at 25% as compared to 5% has a significant difference, and the failure to distinguish this by the model can cause a huge disparity in the results.

The Test

Scientists Claim JSWT Data Liable to Be Misinterpreted by Existing Model

To provide concrete proof that there was a problem with JSWT’s interpretation, Wit, along with his colleagues, conducted an experiment. Through this, they realized that the telescope was unable to gauge whether a planet had an abundance of gasses to a factor of 5 or whether its atmospheric pressure was similar or double to that of Earth’s. This inability will prevent scientists from deciphering whether the planet is habitable or not.

The Paper

In the paper published, the first line of work to take care of is to improve the way of interpretation of the data by JSWT. The paper also gives some ideas for creating better models, but there’s a lack of superior versions by the authors. According to Prajwal Niraula, an MIT graduate student and the paper’s lead, a lot could be done if there’s a better understanding of how light and matter interact in different atmospheres.