Taylor Swift Fan Became a Security Guard for Her Eras Tour After He Was Unable to Secure Tickets

The Eras Tour

With The Eras Tour going on, Taylor Swift’s fans are trying left and right to get tickets for the show. And, in all the craziness, one of her fans, Davis Perrigo, thought of a brilliant idea to attend the show when he was unable to secure the tickets. He revealed how he became a stadium security guard to watch the concert. Davis went viral when he was spotted on the front stage of the Nissan Stadium in Nashville while he was singing along to the songs.

The Origin of the Idea

He explained how he got upset when he couldn’t get the concert tickets. That’s when he thought of his father, who used to work as a security guard. And it hit him that it would probably be a great idea to apply for the security guard’s post at the stadium. Similar to Perrigo, many fans got frustrated and sad when they couldn’t secure the Eras Tour tickets, which soon resulted in some backlash from them. Even Taylor Swift herself issued a statement on Instagram, acknowledging how she’s protective of her fans, and that she doesn’t want them to get bullied whether or not they got the tickets for the show.

The Swiftie

The Swifties

Perrigo, an accountant, said that the duties were very minimal and he only needed to only keep people in check. Being a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, he went with the flow and couldn’t hold his excitement. And, he apparently got berated on the job and asked to take it down a notch. He also shared that he couldn’t document the show because of the no-phones and no-photography policies. However, many Swifties recorded him singing and dancing to Taylor Swift’s hit tunes. And, after so many videos of him enjoying the show, he became quite a sensation on the internet.