Dwayne Johnson Is Going to Help Shark Week Celebrate Its 34th Fin-Packed Year

This year, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel celebrates its 34th anniversary, and to honor the occasion, they’ve lined up their biggest celebrity guest yet. If you don’t know who that is, it’s none other than “the Rock,” Dwayne Johnson! The hardest working man in show business, Johnson, returns to the Discovery Channel this week to share his love of all things aquatic on Shark Week. The action superstar and environmental advocate will host Shark Week every night from Sunday, July 22 through Saturday, July 28, bringing all the charm and charisma we know and love him for.

The Return to TV

The actor announced on Tuesday that he’s teaming up with Discovery Channel for the network’s annual celebration of all things sharks. He recently took to Instagram to announce that he’ll be a part of Shark Week 2022, also including a trailer for it in his post, which shows a large group of sharks gathered in front of him in the ocean.

The Master of Ceremonies

A special message from Johnson will be presented to fans at the beginning and end of the first five nights of Shark Week, highlighting what fans can expect to see that evening. During the show, each of Johnson’s Instagram messages will connect audiences to his heritage and sharks’ significance to his culture and personal story. For the 2022 Shark Week, you can expect 25 original episodes and guests such as Tracy Morgan, the cast of Impractical Jokers, and more to star!

The Popularity of Shark week

Shark Week is one of the most popular television weeks for various reasons. First, it’s a great way to learn about these amazing creatures. Second, it’s thrilling and suspenseful — you never know what’s going to happen next! Third, it’s an excellent way to bond with family and friends as you all watch together. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the beauty and deadly shark attack of 2022!

This Bird Basically Freezes Itself Solid To Survive Cold Nights

Usually, if you want to survive the freezing cold, you wrap yourself up in as many layers as possible. However, if you’re the black metaltail hummingbird, it seems the solution is the opposite. Rather than warming themselves up, this bird lowers its body temperature dramatically to survive the cold.

Adapted To The Climate

If you ever visit the Andes mountains in Peru, there’s a good chance you’ll cross paths with plenty of hummingbirds. Many of these species live in this area, and they’ve managed to survive despite the chilly climate. At night, temperatures regularly drop below freezing, something that could have a fatal impact on such small birds. Luckily, their bodies have adapted to the cold in quite a genius way.

As Cold As Ice

As soon as temperatures plummet, the black metaltail goes into torpor. This essentially means their bodies largely shut down until it’s safe for them to reanimate again. It’s an incredibly effective technique that also lowers the animal’s body temperature, allowing them to survive the chilly conditions overnight. Out of all the species that do this, the black metaltail is reportedly the one that’s recorded the coldest body temperature. Researchers found it could go as low as 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Significant Change

The changes that this bird goes through when in torpor are quite incredible. During the day, a black metaltail’s heart can beat as often as 1,200 times a minute. However, at night, it drops all the way down to just 40 beats a minute. Going into this hibernation-like state could be fatal, with the birds dropping their body temperatures to critical levels. Without it, though, the species wouldn’t be able to preserve energy and avoid freezing in the icy conditions. The risk is one worth taking.

Given how active hummingbirds are during the day, it’s hard to imagine them basically freezing every night. They do what they have to to survive, though.