iPhone Users Finally Figure Out Why Their Alarms Haven’t Been Going Off

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We’re all guilty of lying about sleeping through our alarms. Well, now karma’s come to get us, because iPhone users are genuinely having issues with their phone’s alarm app. It’s an issue that Apple’s yet to solve, but the internet may have stepped in for them.

The Reddit Post

One Redditor called on the powers of the internet to help them resolve the issue by writing, “Has anyone else had issues with their alarms failing to go off in the morning like this? I usually set several sequential alarms. Only my alarm for 6:45 actually sounded and I woke up to find that my earlier alarms had all remained ‘set’ but failed to sound. None of these are recurring alarms, so they shouldn’t ‘reset’ themselves after going off. I also did not snooze any of the first alarms. Is this happening to anyone else? It’s incredibly inconvenient, as the time I actually want to wake up is 6:38.” Well, they asked, and the internet answered.

The Issue

Some tech-savvy Redditors explained that the iOS 17 update came with something called Attention Aware. According to Apple, this means your phone will “check whether you’re paying attention to your device and take action automatically.” Redditors seem to believe this is the issue – your phone thinks it’s being looked at, so it thinks you don’t need a loud alarm to wake you up.

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Luckily, you can turn off Attention Aware in your phone’s settings. Or, you know, you can just buy an old-fashioned but reliable alarm clock.

Apple to Change All Charging Ports to USB-C Before the Deadline

Apple is expected to change its devices’ charging ports to USB-C after receiving a deadline from the EU parliament. Apple, up until a year or two ago, had been using lightning ports for all of its devices, but now it is gradually shifting to Type-C ports after the company got orders from European governments for the same. The parliament has given Apple until December 28th, 2024, to bring in these changes to its products, and in the case of laptops, the deadline has been extended to April 28, 2026.

The Changes

Apple products like iPhones and MacBooks were known to be charged using lightning ports. But soon things are going to turn around when it comes to charging these technology items. The EU aims for only USB-C to be used in Europe for all of their portable electronics, including tablets and laptops. The tech giant has already changed the ports on its MacBooks and iPads that are in the lineup to comply with the new rule. But one of its products, the iPhone, has yet to see this change. It seems the EU parliament is adamant about this change and claims that it wants to curb e-waste as well as reduce the burden for customers. To ensure these new rules are followed, the parliament has decided to set a deadline for all portable devices.

Apple’s Thoughts

Greg Joswiak, an Apple official, appeared not too pleased by the change. He says they feel powerless concerning these new rules. According to him, soon all of the lightning wires, which number in the billions, will no longer be necessary, and in such times there is nothing they can do with them.