Cristiano Ronaldo Lost Nearly 3 Million Instagram Followers Due to Account Suspensions

We all love social media, but the platforms are all built by code, and things can always go south. A similar incident happened when, due to a technical glitch, our stars lost millions of followers on Instagram, including football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Glitch

Following a widespread outage on the Instagram network, Cristiano Ronaldo, the most followed person on Instagram, lost a staggering amount of followers. Millions of accounts were suspended because they failed to follow the platform’s community guidelines, leading to a loss of followers. While some accounts have not yet been restored, Ronaldo’s Instagram follower count has subsequently increased to a staggering 493 million. Apart from Ronaldo, Taylor Swift lost 6.7 million followers, Kim Kardashian lost 7.4 million, and Kylie Jenner lost 1.1 million.

Instagram Responds

During this outage, Instagram sent a notice to those whose accounts were suspended as a result of the mass bug. The statement said that the company had suspended some accounts on October 31, 2022, for not following the community guidelines. Those who followed the link to appeal the judgment were met with a blank screen and a gray circle that kept loading. To reassure users that they were aware of the issue and conducting an investigation, Instagram tweeted about the outage.

Fans’ Reactions

Thousands of people responded to Instagram’s tweets by criticizing them. A user stated that the company hasn’t fixed anything while another still had trouble logging into their account. One person complained that every time they closed their app, it logged them out; supposedly, this was because they logged in and out too frequently. The users were highly annoyed and took to Twitter to express their displeasure. The verification code problem still exists, and users have requested that Instagram immediately fix the issue so that they can use the platform again.

The New iPhone Might Not Be as Late as Anticipated

With the world in crisis right now, a lot of things we expected to arrive this year have been delayed. That includes the new iPhone, which has been pushed back due to production disruptions. Thankfully, a new report has suggested that although the eagerly anticipated smartphone won’t meet its initial launch date, it will be here sooner than expected.

A Shorter Delay

Back in March, when the global situation grew significantly worse, Nikkei Asian Review reported that we might not see the iPhone 12 until 2021. The thought of such a long delay was devastating. However, given all the uncertainty about how the following months would play out, it was hard to know how long production would be interrupted.

Thankfully, the disruption hasn’t affected Apple too much, according to a new report by the publication. According to one of their sources, the various models of the iPhone 12 should only be delayed by a couple of months at most. Although that means we won’t be seeing it in September, that does mean it should still debut this year.

Missing The Parts

One of the main reasons that Apple has struggled with production recently is because of 5G. The high-end model of the iPhone 12 will use this waveband, but acquiring parts for it has caused the company to fall behind schedule. This product is apparently two months away from where it should be, whereas the others are 60 to 90 days off track at most.

Although things seem to be running smoother now, there is still a chance that further delays could crop up between now and the launch. Apparently, some of the final designs for certain elements haven’t been confirmed yet, which could cause problems in the near future. Hopefully, that’s not the case, though.

When will we get the new iPhone 12? We can’t say for sure yet, but fingers crossed it will be sooner rather than later.