25 Reasons Why Kids Need Their Grandparents

The love between an admiring grandchild and doting grandparent is so incredibly special. Involved grandparents can make a big difference in the lives of their grandchildren. While parents are busy with the day-to-day details of raising a child, grandparents can enjoy the beauty and innocence of childhood again, without the daily grind of parenthood attached. They adore their grandchildren above everything else and make them feel like the most special people in the world. We are all aware of the importance of parents in our lives, but what about grandparents? Here’s why the bond between grandparents and kids is so wonderful.

They Teach Us Not To Take Ourselves Too Seriously

They may be losing teeth, forgetting their spouse’s name or falling asleep at the table, but at least they know how to make a joke about it. Being advanced in years, grandparents don’t take themselves seriously as much anymore and can laugh at themselves.

They Make Us Laugh

Maybe they can’t hear properly at times or might fall asleep at an inappropriate time, but they know that age is catching up and they’re not afraid to crack a joke on themselves.

They Show Us Classy Style

Growing up in a different time, our Grandparents have a sense of style we aren’t familiar with. The priorities were different back then and what we do love about the period is that people did dress up for occasions.

They Have Style

Only in the 1990s did people start dressing more casually, with fast fashion becoming more of a priority. You’d dress up for the theater, the grocery store, and for dinner. During that period, there was more attention to detail and craft, and also the quality of fabrics. It would be wise to get some style advice from our style-savvy grandparents.

They Know The Importance Of Keeping Your Belly Full

Going to grandma’s house? Be prepared to be over-fed! Nobody in the world makes food better than grandma, and feeding you is her way of showing love and care; this is one of the reasons we love our grandparents so much.

They Love Feeding You

They care for our needs, and they sure know how to be generous. Going to our grandparents’ almost always means we look forward to a delicious home-cooked meal. The food which feeds the body and soul is made the way she cooked – by heart.

They Teach Us Important Life Lessons

Their special position of trust allows them to help nurture and shape their grandchildren’s lives. Grandparents often spend heaps of quality time with their grandchildren and can have a deep influence on their grandchild’s values.

They Teach Us New Lessons

Grandparents teach children a lot – from how to appreciate nature and be gentle to animals, to being kind to each other and treating other people with respect. When parents have to focus on the day to day runnings of the household, grandparents see the bigger picture.

They Show The Importance Of Being Involved

According to a survey, 72% of grandparents “think being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life.” With greater patience, openness, compassion, and wisdom, they’re in an excellent position to be more involved with their grandkids.

They Love Being Involved

Grandfathers and grandmothers seem to exist and even enjoy to make their grandchildren happy, whether it be teaching them or simply spending time together. Everything they do, they do it with dedication, giving everything they have, and they love being a part of their grandchildren’s lives.

They Know How To Stay Present

Grandparents remind us that time is special and it goes by so fast, as they have witnessed. Grandparents don’t wish time to hurry up to the year when our kids sleep through the night, are potty trained, or are more self-sufficient.

They Are In The Present moment

They’re not just physically present, they’re mentally right there all the time. The pre-iPhone generation doesn’t need a device in their hands all the time to check their email or Facebook. When they’re with their grandchildren, they are there 100%.

They Teach Patience

Grandparents move on toddler time. There’s no rushing, deadlines to complete, no schedules to be met or classes they’re late for. There is just the slow discovery of the beauty of life.

They Are Patient

Exploring the garden, watching visiting birds in the trees, or picking oranges together from the backyard. Grandkids are the fortunate beneficiaries of such expanded empathy, warmth, and understanding. And they dearly appreciate all the positive regard their grandparents are so happy to award upon them.

They Show Us Endless Love

While grandparents love to indulge their grandchildren with gifts and goodies, one of the greatest gifts they give us is their time. The immense love parents have for their children seems to expand even more when it comes to love they have for their grandchildren—it’s enough love to conquer the world.

Their Love Is Boundless

As kids grow, not only do they have support from their parents, but they also have their grandparents behind them, lifting them even higher to achieve even bigger and better things.

They Even Let Us Teach Them New Things

By the time grandkids come along, it’s been a long time since our parents hung out with a tiny child. TV shows that are airing now are brand new, like Peppa Pig or Dora The Explorer which are fascinating for the entire family.

They Love Learning Something New

Kids love feeling like they have things to show their grandparents as well, and feel on top of the world when they can share their love of Anna and Elsa or “Baby Shark” with a new, receptive audience.

With More Time, They Can Show More Support

Well, not all the time, as some grandparents still have busy lives of their own, but by this age, they are mostly retired and removed from the pressure of the workplace.

They Have More Time Now

As a result, they’re able to focus more on their grandkids without having the constant pull of work in the backs of their minds. They’re in a far better position to sit back and enjoy all the sweet things that their grandkids say and do that make them so delightful.

Teach Kids Good Values

Parents do their best to instill values and morality in their children, and they are the biggest influence in their child’s life. Grandparents also have a crucial role to play in their grandchild’s inclinations and ethical developments.

Teach Kids Good Values

Somehow, kids find clearing the table or making their beds less painless when Grandmother asks them to help out than they do at home. The stories, examples, and wisdom grandparents share about life can have a significant impact on their child’s moral development.

They Teach From Experience

Not only do children benefit from their parents’ experience and knowledge, but from their grandparents’ too. Grandparents know exactly how to soothe boo-boos, calm fears, and reassure their little ones that everything will be ok.

They Have Experience

They also know the answers to a lot of tricky questions, like “what’s a shooting star?” and “where does the moon sleep during the day?” Often children will listen to grandparents even when they are not listening to their parents or other adults. Their sage advice and comforting presence offer more than they know.

Being Supportive, No Matter What

Grandparents are always there to offer support when a child needs a shoulder to cry on or to complain about their parents. Especially during difficult times, having an extra layer of support can make a big difference in a child’s life.


This can be for your advantage: when a child is convinced you’re being unfair, grandparents offer a sympathetic ear but can also have a better way of explaining and reasoning so that their grandchildren are more willing to listen.

Friends Come In All Shapes And Ages

Many grandparents are only too happy to take care of their grandchildren and the most trustworthy people to take care of children, without a doubt, are their grandparents.

Good Friends

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is full of love and friendship. As parents can’t always be their child’s friend, and other children’s friendships often come with expectations and peer pressure. Grandparents don’t have to worry about school or social situations as much as you do and offer supportive companionship.

Sometimes, They’re Better Mentors Than Parents

Kids are always eager to learn something new. Whether they want to master a skill or excel in a subject, their grandparents can make excellent mentors. They’re very often role models and mentors for younger generations.


Grandpa may have a way of teaching a child to tie shoes that works better than dad’s. Maybe Grandma has more time to help a child with homework than their parents. Or maybe a child discovers a fondness of woodworking or sewing, because of a skill they admire in a grandparent.

Link Us To Our Family History

Grandparents might not be too pleased to be called a link to the past, but from a grandchild’s point of view, that’s what a grandparent is.

Link To Our Family History

Kids who spend time with their grandparents get to listen to their stories of the way things were and have a sense of their family history and lineage that kids without grandparents often miss out on. They are almost like historians – teaching values, instilling ethnic heritage, and passing on valuable family traditions.

They Offer Stability

Grandparents offer a sense of stability and security in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. This is especially true for children whose parents divorce. While watching their parents separate, knowing grandma or grandpa is there can be a huge consolation. But life doesn’t have to be as traumatic as divorce to throw a child off-balance.

They Offer Stability

A parent’s new job, a new school, or a new city can all make a child feel off balance and upset. When life gets confusing or upsetting, it sure helps to know your grandparents are there.

They Make Us Happier

Kids with grandparents in their lives tend to be happier and more emotionally mature. Oxford University researchers discovered children with involved grandparents are significantly happier than their grandparent-less friends, and for anyone with a grandparent, these results are no surprise.

They Make Us Happier

A study from Boston University also reveals that kids who grew up with grandparents involved in their lives experienced lower than average rates of depression later on as adults. You can’t argue with science!

They Are A Confidant

For children, it is essential to have a confidant. In a child’s life, the grandparents become like second parents, they should be caring but also capable of telling them when they are wrong.

The Are A Confidant

They transform their grandchildren’s lives. They listen attentively, giving comfort and offering the truest and most refined advice. It means encouraging their young descendants to find courage and face their challenges. Grandparents may have silver hair but also a golden heart.

They Teach Us Their Hobbies

Because they grew up in fewer electronics, they have skills that some parents lack, and know how to do things that today’s youngsters are not familiar with.

They Have Amazing Hobbies

They are only too happy to impart us with new crafts or skills like knitting, sewing, fishing, woodworking, and gardening. And since they are concerned about their grandchildren’s welfare, they’ll be sure to teach them how to do things safely. Their sensitivity and care make them amazing teachers, and they love it.

They Love Us Unconditionally

Research suggests that children find unique acceptance in their relationships with their grandparents, which benefits them emotionally and mentally. Parents are the most important source of sincere love, but parental love can also be complicated.

They Love Us Unconditionally

It’s usually all bound up with hopes and expectations and ambitions for children. Parental egos may get involved. Our grandparents accept us for who we are, without criticism or attempt to change us, as nobody else in our entire lives has ever done – not like our parents, siblings, spouses, or friends.

They Offer Help To Kids & Grandkids

With both parents in many families working, it is often the grandparents that have a vital role in raising today’s youth. According to a 2010 Census, roughly 2.7 million grandparents provide for the basic needs of their grandchild, while even more take care of their grandchildren regularly.

They Offer Help

If they are willing and capable, having a grandparent act as either an occasional babysitter or a paid childcare provider gives parents an incredible sense of comfort knowing that they are leaving their children in loving hands.

They Help With the Small Things

In many cases, grandparents are not requested to make huge sacrifices or grand gestures within their family. Grandparents may be asked upon to pick up grandchildren from school, stay with them during a minor illness, or run some errands.

They Help Out In Smaller Ways

But even small acts of assistance can send a big message. These small acts tell the child – someone’s got your back. You’re not in this alone. When you need me, I’ll be there.

They Impact Their Grandchildren’s Relationships

As many as 90% of adult grandchildren feel that their grandparents influenced their beliefs and values. A child’s perspective of what constitutes a healthy, normal relationship is very likely shaped by the relationship that he or she has with a grandparent.

They Impact Their Children’s Lives

Through frequent contact, a sense of emotional intimacy, and unwavering support, children can experience what a true, positive relationship should look like.

They Live On In Our Hearts

Grandparents are like magicians. Even though they aren’t present physically, their presence is forever in our lives. They have the gift of living forever in our memories.

They Live On In Our Hearts

Though they may not be able to hold our hands, they will forever have a hold on our hearts. These grand beings are eternalized in the seeds they plant with us in the yard, that are now trees that look down on us. They are eternalized by the aroma of home-cooked food and family vacations. They live in the tasks they taught us and the crafts they passed onto us.