NASA Shows the World What the California Superbloom Looks Like From Space

When you think of California, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of bustling cities and beautiful beaches, but do you ever think of flowers? Well, this state is actually known for having some of the most impressive poppy fields in the world, and people travel to see these flowers bloom every single year. However, with lockdown in full force, it seems as though people are having to use alternative methods to see these flowers in all of their glory. Now, you can see the super bloom from space!

NASA Shows the World What the California Superbloom Looks Like From Space

In Full Bloom

California is a hugely popular state that’s widely regarded across the globe for its diverse landscapes. From beaches to cities to deserts, it seems as though there is something to offer everyone. There is so much to see and do in this state, and countless people make their way to Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve every single year to see the amazing poppy fields for themselves. What you might not realize, though, is that these fields are often visible from space because they are so bright and large.

NASA Shows the World What the California Superbloom Looks Like From Space

The View From Space

While the poppy fields in California are always pretty impressive, the abnormal rainfall over the past few weeks has allowed them to bloom even brighter and stick around for longer. In fact, they have bloomed so impressively that NASA’s Operational Land Imager has been able to see the gorgeous orange color from space, and the pictures have since been sent down to their Space Observatory. Of course, they couldn’t keep pictures like this to themselves, so they have since shared them with the world – and there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s a true marvel to behold.

It’s easy to spot these flowers on the images, and while it’s difficult to tell that they are flowers in the photos, there’s no doubt about the fact that the poppy fields are in full super bloom.

An Amazing IoT Mechanical Hijacking Device Designed For Old Gadgets

The modern world is advancing at a fast pace where technology is taking over practically everything that we see. Even our homes are becoming more innovative and tech-friendly with the introduction of new and advanced devices, gadgets, and items. In that case, what happens to older models? How can you transform those devices without upgrading? Well, the answer is a small IoT device that will do the job for you.

Introducing the IoTIZER MHD or Mechanical Highjacking Device

The idea behind this prototype MHD is to give people the comfort of converting their existing devices into something new. It IoT-izes almost every device in the house with a click of a button. The IoTIZER MHD comes with specialized software along with rotating knobs and additional motion options. It is user-friendly and designed so that even people from a non-technical background can operate it efficiently.

What do the Brains Behind This Concept Have to Say?

The team behind this concept came up with this solution after conducting various trials that included 14 participants. The participants had to install the device on different consumer devices, items, and appliances around the house. This included the door locks, recliners, coffee makers, etc. Based on their feedback and suggestions, the team kept changing the device until they finally hit the bullseye.

A Final Thought

The ongoing debate of whether or not a device needs Internet connectivity will never come to an end. For some people, connectivity is the key to enjoying the latest technological advancements that companies offer. But while opting for such a premium feature, you also have to be prepared to shell out from your pocket. This IoT device is a lifesaver as it helps to modernize your old appliances and saves you money on upgrades. Moreover, even the price of the device is easy on the pocket.