How Humans Can Help to Reverse Insect Decline in the World

To maintain an ecosystem, its many inhabitants work together to keep the circle of life going strong. Insects play a very big part in ecosystem preservation through pollination and are a food source for many animal species. However, their diversity and numbers are in an alarming decline. Entomologist Akito Kawahara has suggested several simple ways in which people could help insect populations thrive once more.

Insect world Insect Population and Diversity Decline

Akito Kawahara is an associate curator at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, part of the Florida Museum of Natural History. Although Kawahara’s research is mainly focused on explaining the evolution of moths and butterflies, he has found the dwindling numbers of insects and their diversity very alarming. Although researchers differ in their opinions about the severity of the issue most agree that there is a downward trend. One study estimated that 40% of known species of insects are facing extinction.

Ladybug on a green leave The Immense Benefits Insects Provide

Kawahara believes that the first step towards insect species preservation is to increase people’s appreciation and understanding of them. Insects are commonly thought of as dangerous, unclean, destroyers of crops, and carriers of diseases. However, most species are perfectly harmless to humans and are extremely beneficial to the environment. Through free services they provide, such as the pollination of flowering plants and waste disposal, they contribute an estimated 70 million dollars to the economy yearly.

Bees What Everyone Can Do to Help

The solution to the steep decline in insect populations has to come from the efforts of every individual combined. Kawahara suggests several ways in which humans could help the cause. Leaving 10% of each lawn unmowed or cultivating native plants in one’s yard would create more habitats for insects. Using fewer lights at night will keep insects from flying around them until exhaustion and also lower one’s utility bills. He also recommends switching to insect-friendly soaps and sealants. Most importantly, the people’s mindset surrounding insects needs to evolve and change in order for the beneficial species to thrive once again.

Starbucks Has Chosen John Culver to Be Its Chief Operating Officer

Recently, Starbucks announced that the company veteran John Culver will become its new chief operating officer. Culver has been working for the company since 2002 and will now succeed Roz Brewer, who was the COO until February this year. Brewer is now CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance.

John Culver Is Also the New North American Group President for Starbucks

New COO of Starbucks, John CulverAfter Roz Brewer exited Starbucks in February and went on to become a chief executive at Walgreens Boots Alliance, the company had to name a new COO. They finally chose Culver to succeed the former chief operating officer and also promoted him to North American group president.

Before he received the promotion, Culver was the group president for Starbucks international, channel development, and global coffee, tea, and cocoa. This role had him oversee the company’s cafes across 58 international markets, as well as its consumer packaged goods products. In addition to being with Starbucks for almost two decades, he also serves on the boards of Kimberly-Clark and Columbia Sportswear.

The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, Made a Statement Regarding the Future of the Company

CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson In a recent statement, Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson said that as they plan for 2022 and beyond, they are fortunate to have talented and diverse senior executives. According to him, this gave the company the ability to tap into the great potential of experts who can lead them forward.

There were also other related promotions at Starbucks. Michael Conway will take over as the group president of international and channel development. He is currently working as the president of international licensed markets. Also, Michelle Burns, who is now the senior vice president of coffee and tea, will become the new executive vice president of global coffee, tea, and cocoa.

All the new Starbucks promotions are set to go into effect on June 28. Meanwhile, Starbucks’ shares have gone up 4% this year, and this means that the current market value of the company stands at $132 billion.