Hot Jupiter-Like Planet Might Have Actual Iron Rain

No umbrella is protection enough when it comes to the rainfall on the extra-hot exoplanet WASP-76b, where molten iron could be raining from the sky. Hot Jupiters such as WASP-76b are among the most hellish worlds among the stars. Those give scientists new insight into planetary climates and the diverse atmospheric chemistry that can be found in extreme conditions.

The latest analysis of the WASP-76b shows that the day and nighttime climates differ vastly, from super-hot and cloud-free days to iron rain during the night.

Researchers Found Iron Atoms That May Condense Into Clouds

 Iron Atoms Clouds Planet
Hot Jupiter-Like Planet Might Have Actual Iron Rain

On September 2 and October 30, 2018, researchers from observatories around the globe took data on this particular hot Jupiter, utilizing the capabilities of the ESPRESSO instrument or the Echelle Spectrograph for Rocky Exoplanets and Stable Spectroscopic Observations, at the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory. This instrument measures the spectrum of the star, which allows them to uncover its elemental composition in somewhat high resolution.

WASP-76b orbits incredibly close to its 10,932 Fahrenheit parent star, completing its year cycle in just 1.81 Earth days. The team’s calculations show a daytime temperature of 4,388 F and a very interesting nighttime phenomenon. When the researchers tried to create a model with the data they got, they saw an intriguing pattern originating from iron atoms, which might form clouds.

WASP-76b Is Hellish Exoplanet Where Iron Rain Could Be Common

WASP-76b Iron Rain
Hot Jupiter-Like Planet Might Have Actual Iron Rain

The hot temperatures tear down molecules on the surface of the planet, where the temperatures are similar to those of cool stars. The atoms that are generated this way move around slowly and this creates a large difference between day and nighttime temperatures. On the dark side of the planet, the temperatures are much lower, maybe even two-thirds lower than those on the illuminated side. This allows iron to condense into clouds and perhaps rain down on the surface.

What People Need to Know About Poparazzi, a New Photo-Sharing App

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you’ve probably seen individuals in the startup/venture capital sector discussing the new photo-sharing app Poparazzi.

What People Need to Know About Poparazzi, a New Photo-Sharing AppWhat Is Poparazzi?

Poparazzi is photo-sharing software that encourages users to photograph and share pictures of their pals. Selfies aren’t possible because there’s no front-facing camera. Instead, users take pictures of their friends and tag them as if they were paparazzi. Users can also control who can take pictures of them and which photos appear on their page.

In a post, the company that made Poparazzi wrote that they built it to take away the pressure to be perfect and they did so by not allowing users to post photos of themselves. This puts the emphasis where it should have been all along: on the people you are with. On the app, you are your close friend’s paparazzi and they are yours.

Poparazzi and Dispo are similar in that they both promote candid photos with a sharing component. Both are more about recording a moment as it is, rather than fine-tuning for Instagram.

The Newest and ‘Hottest’ on the Market

Woman scrolling through pictures on her phone When Dispo, co-founded by prominent YouTuber David Dobrik, raised a $20 million Series A lead by Spark Capital in February, it was the hottest new photo-sharing app. However, the app became embroiled in controversy the following month as rape charges were leveled against one of Dobrik’s former associates. Spark Capital then announced that it will no longer work with the company.

Poparazzi’s public launch coincides with the increasing availability of vaccines and the re-opening of society. According to SignalFire main investor and head of content Josh Constine, Poparazzi might be “the perfect app for hot vax summer.'”

Poparazzi creator TTYL, situated in Marina Del Rey, California, got $2 million in funding from investment firm Floodgate in 2018. TTYL, established by Alex and Austen Ma, has released many social apps, including TTYL.

Poparazzi is one of the new social media companies that have exploded in popularity in the last year, including Dispo and Clubhouse, an audio-based networking platform that has raised $110 million from Andreessen Horowitz.

According to data, photo-sharing companies have garnered $86 million in funding this year, up from $129 million the previous year. Last year, social media businesses raised more than $4 billion in fundraising, and so far this year, they have raised about $1.8 billion.