New Evidence Suggests That Mercury Is Possibly Hoarding Diamonds on Its Surface

It seems like the planet Mercury has much more to boast than its title as the smallest planet in our solar system. Scientists have recently come to the conclusion that the planet’s surface could be covered in gems, namely diamonds! Read on to know more about how this dazzling phenomenon occurred.

The History

The diminutive planet Mercury is filled with carbon existing in the form of graphites. The planet, like many other worlds, has a layer of hardened magma. But unlike other planets, the hardened layer is covered with a layer of graphite which floats atop the rocks. The planet also received a torrent of asteroids to its surface some four billion years ago during a period called the Late Heavy Bombardment, a time of destruction. Kevin Cannon, a geologist at the Colorado School of Mines, has found in his studies that the two occurrences had likely resulted in the presence of bling on the planet. According to his estimates, there may be approximately 16 quadrillions tons of space gems, including diamonds, on the planet! It seems there is a Richie Rich in space, and its name is Mercury!

Supporting Evidence

There have been other instances that support the space gems theory of the planet. In 2008, some meteorites cells were found in the Nubian desert in Northern Sudan, which contained tiny pieces of diamonds. Another researcher, Laura Lark of Brown University, believes to have spotted dark spots of graphite on Mercury’s surface from an image captured between 2011 and 2015. The information on the smashing asteroids Mercury can also solve the mystery of why the planet possesses a large core despite its size. It is assumed that this new evidence suggests that the planet was bigger and that the impact of the asteroids caused bits of it to fly throughout the solar system.

Virtual Internships Have Become a Thing in Recent Months

Internships have become a trusted way for college graduates to get a foot in the door of the workplace. With competition for places extremely tough, having experience in your industry is seen as invaluable for young job candidates. Now that we’re all working from home, internships have had to adapt, and in recent months virtual internships have become a thing.

Needs Must

Due to the global circumstance, summer internships are no longer a viable option in 2020. They may be again in the future, but today it’s all about the virtual internship. These will allow graduates an alternate way to learn about the world of work they are missing due to the lack of physical internships. Companies have become dependent on virtual interns in recent months as they have changed how they interact with their own staff.

Learning To Communicate

One of the reasons young adults entered an internship was learning what it’s like to work in an office. They learn how to dress, communicate with their coworkers, and build relationships.

Now the challenge for virtual interns is to make sure they remain visible to their bosses by openly communicating with them. Virtual internships are also going to be a steep learning curve for time management as slacking off to watch Netflix for an hour is a no-no.

Providing Fresh Opportunities

In the past, many kids coming out of school needed to relocate to major metropolises like New York or San Francisco, but now they won’t. It means that kids from a wide range of social backgrounds will be on an even-footing, rather than jobs in big cities only going to those who can afford to live there.

Now people can complete their internships while living on the opposite side of the country to where their company is based. The only requirement now is that interns have access to broadband and a can-do attitude.