These Work-Friendly Wireless Headphones Will Up Your Presentation Game

You probably don’t have to look too far to find someone wearing Apple AirPods. Celebrities love them, commuters can’t get enough of them, and keen runners seem to have found the perfect wireless headphones to match their pace. However, competition has tried to creep up on these headphones, and many wireless products have since made their way into the universe — all offering something different and unique. These particular headphones are work-friendly and are the perfect addition to your Powerpoint presentation…

These Work-Friendly Wireless Headphones Will Up Your Presentation Game

A New Addition

It seems as though we’re welcoming new wireless headphones into the world every single week, and while some of them slip under the radar, there are others that prove that they have what it takes to compete against some of the top dogs in the game. This is the case for the new Microsoft Surface Earbuds, which were released on May 12th this year.

An Impressive Competitor

In fact, Microsoft released its new Surface Headphones and Surface Earbuds at the same time, but it’s the wireless buds that have really caught people’s attention. Most workers don’t want to have to deal with wires while they’re in the office or traveling from meeting to meeting, which is why the earbud option is something that more and more people are leaning towards. While you can use them to listen to music, Microsoft really wants you to use them within the Microsoft Office software.

These Work-Friendly Wireless Headphones Will Up Your Presentation Game

Amping Up Your Presentation

That’s because these earbuds can really amp up your presentation. When used with the Microsoft Office software, you can use these Surface Earbuds for dictation, and you can even use them to help you move through slides while you’re showcasing your presentation. They are more of a workplace tool than just earbuds, and that’s what’s so exciting about them.

Intrigued? Microsoft Surface Earbuds will set you back around $200 — which isn’t too bad when you think about it.

An Amazing IoT Mechanical Hijacking Device Designed For Old Gadgets

The modern world is advancing at a fast pace where technology is taking over practically everything that we see. Even our homes are becoming more innovative and tech-friendly with the introduction of new and advanced devices, gadgets, and items. In that case, what happens to older models? How can you transform those devices without upgrading? Well, the answer is a small IoT device that will do the job for you.

Introducing the IoTIZER MHD or Mechanical Highjacking Device

The idea behind this prototype MHD is to give people the comfort of converting their existing devices into something new. It IoT-izes almost every device in the house with a click of a button. The IoTIZER MHD comes with specialized software along with rotating knobs and additional motion options. It is user-friendly and designed so that even people from a non-technical background can operate it efficiently.

What do the Brains Behind This Concept Have to Say?

The team behind this concept came up with this solution after conducting various trials that included 14 participants. The participants had to install the device on different consumer devices, items, and appliances around the house. This included the door locks, recliners, coffee makers, etc. Based on their feedback and suggestions, the team kept changing the device until they finally hit the bullseye.

A Final Thought

The ongoing debate of whether or not a device needs Internet connectivity will never come to an end. For some people, connectivity is the key to enjoying the latest technological advancements that companies offer. But while opting for such a premium feature, you also have to be prepared to shell out from your pocket. This IoT device is a lifesaver as it helps to modernize your old appliances and saves you money on upgrades. Moreover, even the price of the device is easy on the pocket.