Selfie-Taking Fridge Makes Shopping Lists So Much Easier

Fridges that have the ability to send pictures of its contents to its shopping owners have become a huge hit since going into retail. Its built-in cameras give shoppers the chance to see what they need with the click of a button.

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Selfies have become a huge part of society in recent times. And now, this technique is being implemented into technology in the most efficient of ways. Certain fridges now have the ability to take selfies for the benefit of its owner during their shopping days.

The technology is pretty simple: the phone user can send a signal to their fridge, which then takes a photo of the contents inside. Then, it sends the image of the contents back to the phone, giving the owner an indication of what they already have at home and more importantly, what they’re missing.

This has numerous positive effects for the shopper. For a start, it ensures that one doesn’t buy the same item they already have and waste food in the process. Also, it means that one no longer needs to write themselves a shopping list. They can simply refer to the image.

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This new facility is just one of many that have been integrated into refrigerators in recent times. Others include recipe algorithms and fridge-to-oven activations. The Samsung Family Hub has three cameras built into the top, middle and bottom parts of the fridge door. They take a photo and send it to your phone each time you close the door.

Head of product management at Samsung Electronics Nick Bevan understood the need for this groundbreaking facility. “We all know that feeling of being out at the supermarket and suddenly thinking, ‘Do I need more carrots?'” he said.

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But have no fear, Samsung’s fridge isn’t the only version in stock. The Bosch Home Connect has two cameras and is a cheaper option.