Schoolgirl Invents Digital Fruit Bowl That Could Help Prevent Food Waste

An 11-year-old has invented a gadget that can help prevent food waste. She has created a fruit bowl that alerts the user when food is about to expire. Now, a huge independent food retailer has secured the rights to it.

bowl 2

Rumaan Malik is an extremely creative individual and as a young student, she shines at Grasby All Saints Primary School in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. After inventing a fruit bowl that she called the “Alarm Cup,” Rumaan thinks she’s onto something big.

She ended up winning the Ocado’s Food Waste Challenge award with a cool invention. As a result, the online company has teamed up with Little Inventors to turn the bowl into a household item.

“I started thinking about what we throw away at home and what would help us stop this happening,” Rumaan said. “Apples are my favorite fruit, but they were always going all soft when my mum left them out in the fruit bowl and forgot about them.

bowl 1

“That’s when I thought of my idea and started drawing the Alarm Cup. I thought that we all need something that could help us use up our fruit by sounding an alarm before it goes off, instead of letting it end up in the bin. I couldn’t believe it when my teacher told me I had won!”

What separates the “Alarm Cup” from other devices that were presented at the Food Waste challenge is how easy it is to use. All you do is put your food of choice into the bowl, and apply the settings using the little touchscreen display at the front.

WRAP special advisor on household food waste, Helen White, said the following: “We were particularly impressed by Rumaan’s invention as it addresses one of the key reasons food ends up in the bin: not using it in time. Even if we understand the difference between date labels, we can still struggle to use what we’ve bought.”

bowl 3

“The Alarm Cup challenges this by reminding us when our food needs using up, and nudges us towards adopting positive behaviors that can help to reduce the five million tonnes of good food wasted from our homes every year.”

40+ People Who Should Be Banned From the Gym, Ranked

Keeping to a diet and hitting the gym is tough, especially at the beginning. At the start, you don’t know how to use any of the machines and have no sense of gym etiquette. We ranked some of the folks who are responsible for the funniest fails at the gym.

55. Golden Age

This classy woman injured her hip and was ordered by her doctor to do physical therapy exercises. She never had time for the gym, as she was always at fancy dinner parties. When her physician insisted, she begrudgingly went to the gym, wearing her finest earrings. Instead of doing her stretches, she drank a salt-rimmed margarita on the seat of most comfortable of the machines. Then, she simply enjoyed watching the burly guys pump iron. Her doctor was right- it did make her feel better.

Golden Age

54. Gym Twins

As if it wasn’t confusing enough that these twins were already identical, hey also had to wear exactly the same gym clothes! What you might not realize is that the twins also have annoyingly similar names. The one on the left is called Gina, while the one on the right is called Jina. Or is the one on the right called Gina and the left one called Jina? One thing’s for sure: a twin must be the ideal gym buddy.

Gym Twins

53. Relationship Goals

It is always good to have a spotter when you are lifting weights. This couple spots each other- but not in the classical way. As he lifts, she provides him motivation, like a trainer. He does the same for her during her sets. This ensures they both give 110% every time they come to the gym. However, their closeness does make other people feel a bit uncomfortable, so perhaps they need to find a private gym or a new system.

Relationship Goals

52. The Toilet Stance

While squats can be extremely useful for one’s core and legs, this lady is practicing for another reason: she doesn’t know how to sit on the toilet properly. For her entire life, she hasn’t mastered the art of sitting on the seat in order to do her business. Every time, she would simply fall off and bang her head. Now though, after a whole year of squats, the lady has no issues when going to the bathroom.

The Toilet Stance

51. Calf Raises?

Although these shoes are fabulous, they do not exactly provide the kind of support needed for squatting- even if it is just the bar.

Calf Raises?

50. Fatherhood In A Photo

This gym addict wasn’t going to let the fact that he had a baby daughter to take care of stop him from getting his daily workout! The question is, how do you keep a baby safe in a space with tons of heavy equipment everywhere? This dad came up with an adorable solution that had an unexpected bonus effects – that baby weight probably served as more resistance to make his workouts more effective. Now that’s a genius parenting hack!

Fatherhood In A Photo

49. What Is He Wearing?!

This gymgoer has some concerns about the fashion choices being made at her local gym. The result is this hilarious image. Listen, we get that cats are amazing, and we want to look at cat photos all the time. But taking a cat photo and making it into a skintight spandex onesie, and then wearing it while training people at the gym? We agree with this woman’s expression totally! But at the same time, it’s kind of awesome that this guy clearly doesn’t give a cat’s sass what people think of him.

What Is He Wearing?!

48. Upward Facing Dog

This guy started doing yoga and Crossfit in hopes of getting in shape and attracting a mate. Once he lost some weight, he decided to create an online dating profile, and this was one of his main pictures. Why did he include his little pup in the picture? He found that women’s hearts would melt when they saw the little cutie doing yoga in the same pose next to him. Of course, he also wanted to make sure his pup was in good shape, too.

Upward Facing Dog

47. Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?

When these two friends were asked the question, “who’s gonna take the weight,” they took it literally. Normally it refers to who is going to take the responsibility to make the world a better place. However, they were only interested in literal weights and were happy to do it together. Because let’s face it; going to the gym can be a difficult thing to do alone. It’s always nice to have someone there for moral support.

Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?

46. Defeating The Purpose

This gym has an architectural blunder- two escalators. Although the designer of this storefront did include stairs, nobody seems to ever take them. If there is an escalator, why waste the calories? Before even going inside, by looking at the state of the entrance, you already know that no Olympic athletes or serious sports players work out here. The ultimate irony is that people take the escalator to get inside, and use the artificial stair climbing machine for an hour.

Defeating The Purpose

45. Superhero In Training

Bruce Wayne became Batman when he trained to become a part of the League of Assassins on a Tibetan mountain. This guy, who decided he wants to dress as crime fighter Batman for Halloween decided to forgo the trek up the snow-covered Asian mountain for the local 24-hour fitness center. Although the suit made him sweat more than usual, it is doubtful his six-pack will be better than the one made of plastic on the costume in time for the big party.

Superhero In Training

44. Post-Workout Snack

This gym was running out of money for the electricity bill, and so they reluctantly had to turn to companies to sponsor them. Unfortunately, in an ironic twist, the only company that agreed to pay to keep the gym lights on was Krispy Kreme donuts. The trainers, who never once ate such a thing, were required to offer them to patrons as a post-workout snack. They should have somehow hooked the treadmills up to the lights to somehow get electricity for free.

Post-Workout Snack

43. Bicep Curlers

This woman had her grandson’s wedding to get to, and was short on time. She went to the hairstylist but also wanted to get a quick workout in. Instead of waiting around for her curlers to be done setting her hair, she decided to head to the gym and just get her heart rate up. Although it does look kind of silly, we respect this lady for truly capitalizing on every spare moment in her busy day. It was all worth it, as she looked great in the photos.

Bicep Curlers

42. ‘Cause I Am Tall Enough

Fitness is important for everyone, no matter who you are and what you believe. However, the reality is, the space where the gym is located is a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. This high school athlete, who plays both baseball and basketball, was away on a weekend’s vacation, but had to keep up with his strength and conditioning for when he got back. Sadly, the hotel gym was not accommodating to his stature, but nothing gets in the way of this athlete’s dedication.

‘Cause I Am Tall Enough

41. Baby On Board

This gym rat cannot sacrifice any time when it comes to his workout, so he decided to simply bring his son to the gym with him. It would be irresponsible to let his kid roam around while he did his squat-presses, so he strapped him to his chest. The nice thing is, the baby has an exciting time as dad goes up and down with the weights, and dad gets a little extra resistance from the weight of his kid.

Baby On Board

40. Look Ma, No Hands!

Ever wished that you could be the cool skater person in your gang of friends? Well, this young lady was able to kill two birds with one stone! Not only is she an active member at her local gym, but she is also able to sit on a skateboard and move around on it while doing sit-ups! This is quite a remarkable skill that we have never seen before. Or maybe this photo is cropped and she’s actually sitting on a mat.

Look Ma, No Hands!

39. Never Skip Leg Day

This guy is jacked, no doubt. However, if you look at the proportionality of his body, you will notice he has a “disease” that trainers call “chicken leg syndrome.” Looking at this guy makes experienced lifters know that he is a beginner who will eventually have to start all over again, and focus on squats. The legs are huge, and working them out helps the body overall have more testosterone. Also, this guy is so topheavy he his ankles may just buckle and break.

Never Skip Leg Day

38. McLift

This guy dresses up as Ronald McDonald for his job at his local franchise location. He greets the kids and generally livens the mood in the McDonalds. However, one of the downsides is that he gets a free meal every shift, and because of that, he has been packing on the pounds. Instead of going home to shower off the makeup, workout and get sweaty, and then shower again, he headed to the gym directly after work to do bench press.


37. Weigh Your Options

This guy got so good at working out, he found secondary ways to use all the weights. It is impressive, really. He thought so too, so he brought his friend to show him how good he got. Balancing on the dumbbells is hard enough by itself, but doing squats makes it incredibly difficult. Someone who showed up as part of their New Year’s resolution for the first time in months saw him doing that, and suddenly decided against working out, and went home to work on more realistic resolutions.

Weigh Your Options

36. Lean On Me

This group of guys got into an argument with their friends, a group of girls who are very big into yoga. The basic issue was this: the guys believed that lifting weights provided enough strength to do everything that yoga did, and more. The girls disagreed, so the guys decided to put together this human statue of sorts to show that their bench pressing and squats allowed them to do aerial yoga poses. They were sort of able to, but not really.

Lean On Me

35. Safety First

This guy made a classic rookie error. Instead of just coming to the gym whatever he owns to just lay the foundation for good cardiovascular health, he first went to his local mall and spent close to $500 on gear and a helmet. Clearly, he was inspired by watching star cyclists competing in the Tour de France, as he copied their exact outfits, down to the sunglasses. Perhaps his future is so bright, he needs a pair of expensive shades.

Safety First

34. Sets, Reps, And Likes

This gaggle of ladies believes in the importance of keeping fit, so they eat well and come to the gym daily. However, it is not for the sake of longevity, or flexibility in old age. The most important thing is to get the perfect picture in the latest chic sportswear, and posting it to social media. Having the ability to run and keep a relatively steady heart rate is just a side effect. The more likes and followers, the better.

Sets, Reps, And Likes

33. Multitasking

This guy always felt like he was an old soul who was trapped in the body of a twenty-something. All he wants to do really is sit on an old rocking chair by the fireplace, drink some tea, and do some knitting. However, his physical therapist said that he has to make sure to walk on the treadmill for an hour a day. Like a wise old man, he made a compromise, and decided to simply knit while on the machine.


32. Pocket-Sized

Working out without music is really tough. Anyone who has forgotten their headphones knows the pain of having to listen to the awful music played over the loudspeakers, punctuated by sounds of overzealous patrons grunting on the bench press. This guy had his headphones, but his phone was dead. Instead of giving up, he simply plugged his headphones into his tablet, and put it into his pocket. He knew that he was turning heads, but he did not care, as it was better than the alternative.


31. Bad Form

This guy did not want anyone to know that he did not know how to use any of the machines, so he dressed in athletic compression shorts, and simply used machines with lots of confidence. He was seen earlier putting his face where peoples’ rear ends usually go, walking backward on a treadmill, and lifting dumbells with his legs. Now, he moved on to the assisted squat machine, and started using it as a leg press. Since he was so confident, nobody looked twice.

Bad Form

30. New Year Resolution

Every January, the gym gets really crowded, full of folks who have decided to finally get in shape as part of their New Years Resolutions. However, come February, or latest March, these folks are nowhere to be seen (until the next January, perhaps). The way you can tell who is going to make it is how serious people are during their workouts. These folks, who are scrolling through their social media feeds, not even make it through two solid weeks.

New Year Resolution

29. Balancing It All

When this guy took a new, high-paying job, he suffered from what some call being chained by “golden handcuffs.” This means that he is tied to his desk, compelled by the huge paycheck he is receiving. However, he knew that he could not sacrifice his workout time. He rigged together a little stand to keep his laptop on, so he could keep track of both his company’s financial numbers, as well as the distance and heart rate numbers on the stationary bike.

Balancing It All

28. Strongest Guy Ever?

This man is probably the strongest regular person any of us has ever seen, in real life, or even on the internet. This guy has put every single weight in the gym (at least it seems that way) on the leg press, and is ready to do three sets of 12. This freakishly strong guy needs to move from a regular gym to one for athletes only. The level of strength he has is not even motivating to others, but demotivating, as his level seems so unattainable.

Strongest Guy Ever?

27. Keeping Promises

This woman made a promise to her husband to go to the gym. This was a make or break promise, as her health was on the rocks. However, she is a lawyer, and was very careful with the wording of her promise. She never promised she would do anything exhausting while she was there- she simply said she would go to the building. Every day, she showed up, ate cupcakes, and read magazines for an hour, until she went home to her frustrated husband.

Keeping Promises

26. Training In Vein

Nobody can accuse this guy of not giving it his all when it comes to working out. He pushes himself so hard every time, that every single blood vessel in his body, including those on his head, bulge and become visible. It may look weird, but he only cares about his muscular gains, and will look like a pug with wrinkles while lifting if that is what he has to do. The guy in the background is a Belgian medical student who is eyeing each vessel curiously.

Training In Vein

25. Rat Race

This guy always follows the rules. He got good grades, and went to college, studied something practical, and got a job doing it. He never tires of the monotonous life. His girlfriend, however, has much more of a sense of wanderlust, and needs a variety of adventure in life. She asked him once, while they were at the gym, “do you ever feel like getting out of this rat race?” He responded that he did not, and jumped right on this machine to get his heart rate going.

Rat Race

24. Train The Trainer

This gym has a personal training service, and this guy wanted to sign up for it. When you are a trainer, your muscle tone and ability to lift is a signal of credibility. It shows that he can do all the exercises he orders others to do. This trainer is usually very fit- one of the fittest in the gym. However, now, he has been paid by a weight loss company to gain weight, take pictures, and lose it all again to show that their product works.

Train The Trainer

23. Let Him Eat Cake

When it comes to nutrition, people have different philosophies. Some like to eat healthy- fruits, veggies, and chicken breast only- as their body is a temple and they want to be as fit as possible. However, there are some people who go to the gym and sweat just so they can eat whatever they want. This guy is an extreme version of the latter. He just wants to eat tons of chocolate cake, and is not even willing to wait until he leaves the gym to have it.

Let Him Eat Cake

22. A Tail Of Two Athletes

This guy’s pooch likes to come to the gym and do whatever workouts he can. Although he cannot lift much weight, he can do a lot of cardio. Also, he is really motivating for his owner, who wants to make sure he is in good enough shape to spend all weekend running around with his dog in the park. The owner makes sure not to work out too close to the weekend, as the heavy bench press regimen he is on really ruffs him up.

A Tail Of Two Athletes

21. Color Me Unimpressed

This guy believes in his ability to lift- perhaps a bit too much. He made a blunder, and invited a girl who he had gone on a couple dates with to the gym. He always felt like his shoulders were his best asset, so he decided to do something to show them off. As he slid the heavy weights onto the bar, he talked himself up. However, when it came time to actually lift, his shoulders and arms buckled, and his face turned red- mostly from embarrassment.

Color Me Unimpressed

20. Dress For The Part You Want

This woman is headed out to the bars tonight to meet with some girlfriends, and wanted to get ready, eat dinner, and go to the gym beforehand. However, she ran out of time, and had to squeeze in her workout on the way to the bars. Sadly, she never made it there- she ended up in the Emergency Room, as the high heels on the treadmill led her to a severely sprained ankle. Always dress appropriately for your workouts- including comfortable sneakers!

Dress For The Part You Want

19. Say Cheesy

This couple spends 45 minutes of their hour at the gym posing for the perfect selfie. Despite the fact that other patrons of the gym are annoyed, they care more about portraying the image that they work out, rather than working out itself. She always goes for a fierce look, which she hopes will inspire her followers to be strong. He always gives a silly look, to remind his followers that it is good to be a gym rat, but not overly serious, like many fitness dudes.

Say Cheesy

18. Wardrobe Malfunction

This guy likes to go to the gym, go for a nice jog, and then go into the sauna. This is fine, but he does it with strange timing- he likes to jog for 10 minutes, sauna for 10, and go back to jogging. The whole time, he is wearing his towel. This works well for him, but sometimes, there is a mishap with the towel (running with the loosely tied cloth it is not recommended), and people do not like it one bit.

Wardrobe Malfunction

17. The Brain Is A Muscle

People say the brain is like a muscle, so you need to work it out. This guy knew that quote, but it is clear that he did not know what exactly was meant by it. The weightlifting of the mind is done at the library- not in the gym. Still, you have to give this guy credit, as he spent the money on the fancy gloves. That is more than many people do. Maybe he did not get smarter, but he definitely strengthened his neck.

The Brain Is A Muscle

16. Missed The Free Induction

We all get a little nervous using gym equipment for the first time and occasionally it can be pretty obvious to everyone that you have no idea what you are doing. While it can be said that some gym equipment has multiple uses, we are not sure this guy’s method is correct. It may not be so clear to some, but when the apparatus has a seat, you should probably use it. Next time consider doing the free induction first.

Missed The Free Induction

15. Distraction Disaster

Having a personal trainer or going to the gym with a friend is a great way to get motivated in the gym. When lifting weights, it is always important to have someone spotting you in case of accidents… like this one. This person had faith that his personal trainer was watching him lift these weights, especially given the rate he was paying him per hour. Unfortunately, this personal trainer couldn’t help but focus his attention elsewhere. We don’t think his client will be asking for another session again.

Distraction Disaster

14. Selfie Goals

Going to the gym doesn’t count unless you upload a selfie to social media. This woman decided to get up today, put on her gym clothes, take herself to the gym, pick up a prop, and take a cute selfie for all to see. Little did they know that after this she drove home. God forbid she actually then did some exercise and broke into a sweat, now that wouldn’t make for a great Instagram post, would it?

Selfie Goals

13. Snack Time

This kid was sent to workout on the treadmill, but since he is hyperactive and very creative, usually does not do what he is told. Usually, when given a task, he either breaks the tool he was supposed to use, or creates a new game out of it. This time, he did the latter. Instead of using the treadmill to burn calories, he used it to make him gain calories- at a faster rate than ever! Forget about being an athlete- this kid is a genius.

Snack Time

12. Sweat Dreams

Coming to the gym early in the morning is what many people have to do to fit it into their schedules. However, going to the gym in the morning means actually lifting weights or getting on the treadmill. This person did not get that, apparently, as she decided to take a nap instead. The precious time set aside for working out was all but lost when she overslept. All we can do is hope that they burned some calories walking to the gym from the parking lot.

Sweat Dreams

11. Purrr-haps Not?

Even the most cat-obsessed people would not think to don this feline-themed leotard. This guy is a personal trainer who has decided that all that matters is having sculpted triceps and a six-pack. He forgot that you are not allowed to simply wear whatever you want. It would be okay if he was somehow wearing it as an ironic statement, but there is no way this guy is a hipster- he is much too much of a jock for that.

Purrr-haps Not?

10. Pink Is The New Black

Why wear virtually all black if you are going to rock some insanely loud, pink running shoes to the gym? It absolutely baffles us. You have two perfectly good options. Either, you can wear all black, or you can wear all pink instead. The main thing that matters is that this young lady is comfortable in her own skin and is confident in the way she dresses. It seems like all of the criticism she gets actually spurs her on.

Pink Is The New Black

9. Baby Weights

Weights come in many sizes and while you should choose the one suited for you, most men aim high. This baby did exactly that when trying to copy his dad. The baby was (inevitably) unable to lift this heavyweight, and took a moment to consider the fact he should have opted for the 2kgs rather than trying to impress everyone. The look on his face summed up his embarrassment before he headed to the mats to attempt baby push-ups.

Baby Weights

8. Last Minute Workout

You are dressed and ready for your date, you have your hair and makeup done and your cutest dress and heels on. What is left to do? Hit the gym for the remaining time, perhaps? Juliana wanted to look perfect for her first date, so she took every opportunity to work out to achieve those toned arms and flat stomach, even minutes before heading to the restaurant. Despite a few interesting stares from other gym-goers, her date turned out to be a success.

Last Minute Workout

7. Couch Potato

Mr. Potato head, it looks like, is sick of everyone telling him he is not in shape. He took out the smiling mouth off his head, and put on the frowning lips. He realized that if it was true that “you are what you eat,” Mr. Potato head is clearly eating too much starch. Mr. Potato head decided that he was going to head to the gym, run on the treadmill, and try and eat healthy. Soon enough, this guy is going to be a skinny fry.

Couch Potato

6. Take A Seat

This girl was dragged to the gym by a well-meaning friend. She had been in a rut recently, and her friend knew a good sweat and some endorphins would do her some good. However, you cannot be forced to work out. When she got to the gym, instead of stretching, she sat down to do what she does at home- zone out in front of the television. The only exercise she did was getting up to find the remote. You can’t blame her friend for trying, though.

Take A Seat

5. It Was A Blur

It is amazing what people can do with their smartphones to make them the center of attention in their photos. This woman chose to blur her surroundings in order to make herself stand out. We only have one question to ask: why? Why do that when you are already the main focus of the photo? You are right in the middle! Maybe she was insecure because nobody at the gym was looking at her. This explains everything.

It Was A Blur

4. Revenge Of The Twins

Yep, those infamous twins are back in the gym. Gina and Jina are up to no good once again. However, this time, they took our feedback and tried to distinguish themselves from each other. Let’s face it though: no matter how unique these twins try to be, they will always have a bond that is impossible to break. These twins do everything together. They go to the gym together, they shop together. Heck, they even date other twins!

Revenge Of The Twins

3. Ma’am, You’re… Oh, Nevermind

Workout equipment can be confusing sometimes, especially when you’re new to the gym. You see these big hunks of steel and padding and wonder, which body part do I put in which space? That’s the struggle this woman faced, and clearly, she did not receive instructions on how to use this workout equipment! Instead of facing outside, she put her head through and she looks pretty ridiculous. However, I’m sure fellow gymgoers did not mind her mistake.

Ma’am, You’re… Oh, Nevermind

2. Great Segway

Running on a treadmill is a great way to circumvent bad weather like snow or rain and still get an aerobic workout in. However, some people do not know how to use it. This woman used a segway to ride the treadmill, which to be fair, is how she gets around on the streets. In a way, then, she is practicing her method of getting around, but we doubt that her heart rate is up from baseline. If anything, it is probably lower.

Great Segway

1. Video Tutorial

This woman spent the whole weekend in bed watching videos on YouTube about gymnastics, body weight fitness, and calisthenics. She watched not only professionals competing, but also tutorial videos. After 16 hours of watching, she was confident she knew how to do it all. Not only that, but she wanted to make her own videos. At the gym, she set up her camera, and upon attempting the rings, realized that watching videos was different from actually flexing her muscles and doing it.

Video Tutorial