Nordic Hygge Airchill Is the Perfect Personal Air Conditioner for 2021

Nordic Hygge AirchillInstead of cooling your entire house, consider using a personal evaporative cooler like the Nordic Hygge AirChill Personal Evaporative Cooler to chill the area you’re in.

Residents across the United States are bracing for sky-high summer utility bills and are already taking steps to keep those costs in check this year as summer temperatures begin to rise across the country.

Perfect During Home Workouts & Yoga

Nordic Hygge Airchill is great for yoga and home exercisingIt’s easy to ignore the Nordic Hygge Airchill’s true power at first glimpse. This 7-inch square unit’s basic Scandanavian form is a modest cover for an evaporative cooler with considerable room-cooling capabilities. In fact, it outperforms its closest competitors by a factor of two.

The unit takes in dry air, pushes it through an inside moistened evaporative pad, and then sends that highly cooled water back into the room to throw a blanket of cold air across wherever you are, thanks to a high-speed, 9-blade fan. You can bathe your entire area in cooler temps, even when everything else around you swelters, thanks to this highly portable device that fits neatly on a desktop or tablet.

Nordic Hygge Airchill Personal Air Conditioner Also Cleanses Indoor Air

While it naturally cools and humidifies your air, the AirChill also efficiently cleanses it, assisting in the removal of hazardous airborne particulates and the elimination of musty or unpleasant aromas in your space.

Nordic Hygge Airchill Is the Perfect Personal Air Conditioner for 2021In addition, the AirChill comes with a 7-color LED light array to set the perfect tone in your room as a cool backlight. It also doesn’t hurt that the unit is almost silent, with sound levels around 35dB, allowing you to stay cool while simultaneously getting some rest. The AirChill can be charged via USB and lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge.

With the Nordic Hygge Air Chill Personal Evaporative Cooler, which costs $99, you can easily enjoy a fresh and cool summer.

This Watch Can Measure Your Blood Oxygen Levels On Demand

It’s incredible what watches can do nowadays. There was once a time when these things were only good for telling the time. Now, Samsung has a timepiece that can measure your blood oxygen levels. Impressive, huh?

Watches Of The Future

For a while now, watches have been able to do more than just say what time it is. The development of Fitbits and Apple watches has turned the wrist accessory into a smartphone of sorts. These devices allow you to do things like play music and update your socials, while also tracking your physical activity. From working out how many steps you’ve done to measuring your heart rate, this technology has become a real aid for fitness enthusiasts. Now, it’s proving even more useful.

An Array Of Features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an impressive piece of equipment for a number of reasons. Not only does it look stunning, but it also has advanced sleep tracking, detailed post-run analysis, and the ability to sync workouts between your device and your TV. It’s also one of the only watches on the market that can measure your blood’s oxygen levels. This is a feature that’s bound to become more prominent in watches in the coming years, so Samsung has done well to get ahead of the curve.

Meeting The Demand

If you want an accurate idea of what’s going on in your body, a watch that measures the oxygen in your blood definitely isn’t bad to have. While some people are content with merely tracking their exercise and eating habits, there’s more to fitness than just these aspects. That’s why devices like watches and smartphones are continuing to improve their technology to provide things like blood pressure and oxygen saturation monitors. They want to cater to people’s growing needs.

With the Galaxy Watch 3 set to bring more health tracking features in the future, we expect great things for this device.