Hidden Features on a Stapler Everyone Should Know About

Every day, we read about the negatives of social media. But there is also a bright side. Apps like Instagram and Tik Tok are full of videos that talk about the new hacks that one should try. One such video that has been trending on social media is about the hidden features of a stapler.

The Trending Video

Recently, a video was shared by a Tiktok user, Krista Marie, in which she shows how one can have different sizes of staples with just one button. We all know how unpredictable staplers can be on some days. Either nothing comes out when you press down, or your fingers somehow wind up being stapled together. But did you realize that while fumbling with the mechanical device, you might have missed one aspect of a stapler? When frantically trying to pin several pieces of paper together, you quickly realize that some of them have considerably more to them than you initially thought. You can twist the metal rectangle on the bottom front of the gadget to make the staple come out in a broader flared hold, in addition to using a stapler to firmly pin sheets of paper together in a tight hold.

People’s Reaction

Like every other time, the comment section of this new hack video was filled with mixed reactions. There were people who were genuinely surprised by the hack, whereas others found it old and something they were already aware of. One of the users said they were the only ones who tried the hack as soon as they were done watching the video, whereas the other said they figured it out while they were bored at their workplace. Other than these two groups, there was one more group that talked about their traumatic experiences with staplers. One person mentioned how they have not used a stapler ever since they stapled their middle finger, while another person added their story of stapling their thumb together.

Wolves Could Be Back in Northern France for the First Time in a Century

Wolves have long been known as mysterious and enigmatic creatures, and it seems as though they have once again shocked the world with their strange ways. The people and scientists of northern France have long assumed that their land has been free of these animals for at least a century, but new video footage suggests that they may have now made their return to the northern stretches of this country.

Caught on Camera

Across many open fields and diverse landscapes across the world, you will be able to find camera traps. These cameras are perfectly placed in order to take video and camera footage of those animals who come out at night, the animals who shun human interaction, and the ones who largely like to keep to themselves. In April 2020, though, camera trap footage taken near Londinieres in the northern area of France seemed to showcase an animal that hasn’t been seen for a century.

The Animal in Question

When the photos made their way over to the French Office for Biodiversity, the animal experts examined the photos and tried to determine the animal that was caught on camera. What struck them most was the fact that this animal actually looked like a Eurasian wolf – which comes from the gray wolf family. However, the experts were reluctant to make this decision, as this species of wolf has not been seen in the area for almost one hundred years. Why would it suddenly make its return? Until the experts are able to see a physical sighting of the animal that was caught on camera, they do not want to rule out that it may just be a large wild dog.

If this animal is a wolf, though, this will be a huge breakthrough for animal experts in the region. After all, an amazing animal may have finally returned to them.