How to Watch All of the Digital Gaming Events This Summer

The video game industry gave gamers the chance to reconnect with their beloved consoles and PCs while everyone was forced into lockdown. Every year the gaming industry puts on a bunch of events to showcase what’s in the pipelines, but this year they are going digital.

Summer Game Fest

The key to success for most gaming events is bringing the best publishers and developers together, which is what Summer Game Fest has done. With names like Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Sony, and Square Enix on board, this digital event will be big. Summer Game Fest will broadcast multiple events throughout the summer months until August on its YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter media channels.

The PC Gaming Show

PC gamers can rejoice and enjoy this event dedicated to their beloved platform. The PC Gaming Show will bring new games and announcements from the largest publishers. Fans of PC gaming can watch it all unfold on June 13 on PC Gamer’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

Ubisoft Forward

While E3 2020 was canceled, games publisher Ubisoft is bringing a similar event to showcase its own games. Ubisoft will be hosting a digital showcase event on July 12, but has yet to release further details, so watch this space.

The Future Games Show

If you want to know what to expect for the future of gaming, then this event is the one for you. The Future Games Show will bring one hour of new footage and news for fans of gaming on June 13. The content is expected to cover over 40 new titles that should excite fans, who can watch on GamesRadar’s Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

IGN’s Summer of Gaming

Fans can tune into IGN’s social media channels to get the latest news from industry insiders about the next generation of gaming. Some of the biggest names in gaming will be involved in the event, which begins streaming on June 10.

Which of these gaming events are you most looking forward to?

Mojo Vision Lens Wins the Last Gadget Standing Contest at CES 2021

The world’s first augmented reality contact lens is called the Mojo Vision Lens, and it projects text, image, and video information overlays onto your field of vision. This little piece of technology won the Last Gadget Standing prize at CES 2021. It was easy to see the victory of this gadget coming. Online votes were gathered during a real-time live stream instead of the traditional audience vote-by-applause. This process carried Mojo Vision to a convincing win at the virtual trade show.

How Mojo Vision works

The Mojo Lens

Mojo Lens is like a regular contact lens, only it uses motion sensor technology to follow the eyes. The lenses provide helpful information such as weather forecasts, restaurant reviews, or directions, according to Mojo Vision, a startup that is based in Saratoga, California. The company’s CEO Drew Perkins told the virtual audience that he hoped that five to ten years from now, all people would be wearing Mojo Vision Lens and would be having superpowers helping them to stand out and succeed in the world. He made the statement while he was accepting the award.

Elevated Vision

According to Perkins, any kind of information that is available on the Internet can be accessed with the help of this product. The gadget can identify someone with whom the user is speaking, and it can also provide a real-time translation. The innovative piece of technology is a functioning contact lens that is enhanced by a tiny display function less than half a millimeter in diameter. When it’s not in use, the AR goes away. Perkins thinks Mojo Lens’ edge detection and contrast enhancements can help people with macular degeneration and glaucoma. The video displayed during the competition also claims that the lens is not designed to “bombard” its users with data but elevates the vision by offering information exactly when it’s needed.

Elevated vision of the night sky

The Other Finalists

There were four other finalists for the annual prize that’s awarded to a new gadget. They were:

  • Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Fold, a foldable touchpad that doubles as a laptop.
  • TG0’s Etee, buttonless, customizable joysticks used for virtual reality gaming.
  • ArcX’s Sports Ring, a wearable fitness joystick that is used for timing splits, changing music, and other things.
  • OrCam’s Read, AI technology for the visually impaired reading aloud a text on pages and screens.