Connie Britton Dishes On Life In The Spotlight And Being A Single Mom

Many actresses have come and gone from our screens over the years, but there’s one who’s made more of a mark on Hollywood than others: Connie Britton. That’s right; many of us have fallen for Connie’s talents over the years. The best bit? Having such a varied resume means that we have been able to see her star in all kinds of productions over the years. However, it seems as though there’s a lot more to this actress and her climb to fame than first meets the eye. Connie Britton certainly has lived quite an extraordinary life all these years.

Never Remarried

It appears as though Connie’s first marriage was set to be her first – and last. The star admits that she always had plans of settling down with someone new, but the timing was never right and it looked like it was never meant to be.

She’s Never Remarried

However, Connie has still been able to land a number of dates. That’s not all. The actress says that she finds it easy to date younger men with many lining up out the door for a date.

That’s Not Her Real Name

Many of us know Connie Britton by her name, but we might have been living a lie. That’s right; the star’s real name is Constance Elaine Womack.

That’s Not Her Real Name

Connie married her school sweetheart, John Britton, in 1991, and had been using her married name as her professional name. The pair divorced in 1995, but Connie was busy building a successful career for herself and decided it was best to stick with the name that people knew.

Hates Horror

Connie has been seen in the likes of A Nightmare on Elm Street and American Horror Story over the years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though she’ll be watching her performances anytime soon.

She Doesn’t Like Horror

It turns out that Connie isn’t a fan of horror. In fact, Connie confessed that she tried to watch an episode of AHS as it hit the air but was so scared that she had to turn it off and never finished the series.

Plenty Of Advice

Connie has often played gripping and tragic love storylines with her roles, and it seems as though they’ve helped her to learn a thing or two.

Plenty Of Advice

Connie confessed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that her best advice for single women is to “trust your gut” as well as learn how to look after yourself. Connie believes that women often forget to listen to themselves and their instincts as they tell themselves too many other stories.

Ellen DeGeneres Called Her Out For Lying

She might have worked with Ellen at the beginning of her career, but it seems as though Connie was still willing to lie to her friend. Thankfully, it might not have been all her fault.

Ellen DeGeneres Called Her Out For Lying

Ellen quizzed Connie about her role on Nashville when she appeared as a guest on her talk show. Connie admitted that she would be in Nashville for the duration of it all, only for her character to leave two months later. Ellen publicly called her out for her lie afterward.

Mustang Lover

Becoming a mother didn’t mean that Connie said “goodbye” to her love of cars. In fact, the star still owns a vintage 1972 Mustang convertible. As if that wasn’t enough, Connie has even named the car Scarlett.

She Has A Mustang

It turns out the car was once somewhere the star would spend many hours as she would drive between Los Angeles and Austin while she was filming the drama series Friday Night Lights. The car has been a part of her life ever since.

Many Nominations, Not Many Wins

Getting nominated for an award can be a huge moment in many stars’ lives. After all, they could be about to take home one of the most significant recognitions of their talents.

She’s Had Many Nominations

Amazingly, Connie is no stranger to an awards ceremony or two. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy four years in a row from 2010 to 2013 for her work on Nashville, Friday Night Lights, and American Horror Story with more Golden Globe Nominations still rolling in. However, she’s lost out on most of these awards.

Single Super-Mom

Connie admits that she always wanted to settle with someone and start a family. However, the passing of her parents made her realize that she wanted children before it was too late – even if she had to do it alone.

Adopted Son

The star was working on a documentary focused on Ethiopian orphans when she met and fell for Eyob, who she adopted in 2011. Her advice for single moms? Find time to meditate and use other moms as a support system.

Secret Twin

Believe it or not, but there is more than one Connie in the world, as the actress has a twin sister. However, it appears as though Connie and her sibling took very different paths in life.

Connie’s twin is named Cynthia and doesn’t appear in any hit movies or TV shows. Instead, Cynthia busies herself in Virginia where she works at the Department of Energy as a defense contractor. It appears twins don’t share every passion after all.

How Does She Stay So Fit?

Connie was busy trying to carve a name for herself in Hollywood when she realized that she needed another income to help support her lifestyle. She took many jobs over the years including working in retail.

How Does She Stay So Fit?

However, one of her most interesting jobs was her time as an aerobics instructor. The young actress would teach classes for many years as she worked her way through the world of theater, and her commitment to fitness shows. It all changed when Connie was cast in comedy-drama film The Brothers McMullen.

Ivy League Lady

It appears as though Connie has always wanted to do the best that she can with her life, including landing herself a spot at the Ivy League university, Dartmouth College.

She Studied At Dartmouth

As if that wasn’t enough, Connie didn’t send her time studying toward theater or acting. In fact, she enrolled at the school to earn her degree in Asian Studies. Connie focused on Chinese and even traveled to Beijing Normal University to study for some of her freshman year.

Fluent In Chinese

It was during her time at Dartmouth that Connie decided it was time to take her degree one step further. She wasn’t content with just studying Asian Studies, she wanted to know as much as she could about the continent, too.

She’s Fluent In Chinese

It was here that Connie became fluent in Chinese – a skill that has helped her many times throughout the years. Now, she puts her language skills to good use as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

Lauren Graham’s Roommate

It appears as though many stars have grown up alongside one another before they eventually make their way to Hollywood. Connie was once roommates with none other than Lauren Graham – an actress famous for her leading role as Lorelai in the drama series Gilmore Girls.

She Was Lauren Graham’s Roommate

It wasn’t all glamor as Connie admits the pair weren’t supposed to be living in the house, had no furniture, and soon learned how to survive by eating Rice Krispies Treats.

Her Singing Is Real

Singing is just one of the many talents that has kept Connie occupied over the years. Her mother used to work as a music teacher and helped Connie to learn her skills.

Her Singing Is Real

However, the star hadn’t sung in years before she landed the role on Nashville. Thankfully, it only took a few vocal lessons and a couple of sessions in the studio before she was ready. That’s right; Connie’s vocals in the show are all her own.

Started On A Sitcom

Many of us recognize Connie from her roles in dramas. However, the star started her TV career appearing in a sitcom. And it wasn’t just any sitcom, it was Ellen.

She Was On A Sitcom

Connie played the role of Heather for three episodes but was only involved in a short story arc, meaning her time didn’t last long. It turns out that a part on the show made all of Connie’s dream come true, and was just the beginning of an incredible career.

Hitting The Charts

All of her singing on the show meant that it wasn’t long before Connie’s voice was recognized around the world. Several tracks from Nashville have hit the charts over the years, with the season one soundtrack even charting at number one.

She’s Hit The Charts

However, Connie has also enjoyed some solo success, too. The likes of He Ain’t Gonna Change, and No One Will Ever Love You are just two of her five singles that have hit the top 50 in the Country Charts.

Almost Maguire

There have been many times that our stars could have ended up living very different lives if only they had taken a certain role or been given a chance to land another part.

She Nearly Had Another Role

Connie Britton was at the beginning of her career when she tried out for the rom-com Jerry Maguire. Although Connie secured a screen test with Tom Cruise and was chosen as one of the final two, the part ended up going to Renée Zellweger instead.

Living Under A Landmark

Filming for Nashville meant that Connie spent many weeks traveling between the city and her home in Los Angeles. However, it wasn’t just any old house waiting for her back in The City of Angels.

Living Under A Landmark

It turns out that Connie lived in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Her home was found directly underneath the ‘D’ from the Hollywood sign. Contractors even added an outdoor decking so Connie could enjoy even more of the sign from her home.

Can’t Cook

There’s a good reason that Rayna James would never be seen in the kitchen cooking up a delicious family meal during her time in Nashville – it turns out that Connie can’t cook.

She Can’t Cook

The star admits that she prefers to eat meals that have been prepared by someone else, as she usually has no idea what she’s doing in the kitchen. However, Connie has still learned how to perfect her recipe for the perfect eggs over the years.

She Wanted A Change

Although Connie isn’t the biggest fan of horror, it turns out the AHS role was a deliberate choice for her career. The actress didn’t want to find herself tied to the part of Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights for the rest of her life.

She Wanted A Change

Leaving the drama behind and moving onto a horror seemed to be the best move. After all, AHS was something entirely different for Connie, who wanted her fans to see that she could play varying roles.

Fake Southern Accent

Nashville and Friday Night Lights have been two of Connie’s most prominent roles over the years. Both shows are set in the South, meaning that Connie had to learn how to perfect the twang of her accent. Why?

She’s From Boston

The actress was actually born and raised in Boston! However, a young Connie moved to Virginia when she was seven, meaning she had many years to perfect the accent before she could bring it to life in her iconic roles.

The Show Was Supposed To Be A Break

Friday Night Lights ended up being one of Connie’s biggest career moves. However, the show almost happened by accident. The actress had just lost her mother and didn’t want to struggle through a year of pilot shows and auditions.

The Show Was Supposed To Be A Break

The show offered Connie the role of Tami, and she thought it would be an easy way to skip the difficult part. Amazingly, the minor role soon transformed into something incredible for the actress instead.

Keeping Healthy

Many stars have personal trainers or a fully-fitted home gym that seems to be the envy of many as they try to keep in tip-top shape in between filming.

Keeping Healthy

However, Connie Britton prefers to focus on her mindfulness and getting outdoors instead. The star states that she uses meditation and yoga to keep herself fit and focused while hiking and swimming both help Connie to relax and clear her head. It looks as though Connie certainly has enough to keep busy.