This Startup Allows Surgeons to Be Able to Work From Home

There are millions of workers across the globe who have found themselves working from home in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While this isn’t what they’re used to, it’s easy for them to do so as long as they have internet access and a laptop. However, there are some people who don’t have that privilege, and for a long time, this has been the case for surgeons. After all, how is a surgeon supposed to operate on a patient in hospital when they’re at home? Well, a new startup could see this happen.

Important Work

There’s no doubt about the fact that the world would be nothing without surgeons and other medical professionals. In fact, many people alive today wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for these people. It’s long been held that surgeons have to work in hospital to help their patients, but one woman has created a new platform that could create a new world of surgical options.

An Impressive Surgeon

Nadine Hachach-Haram is a reconstructive plastic surgeon from London who is hugely respected in her field. Because of this, she has many international surgeons contact her for advice. In 2016, she was contacted by a surgeon in Gaza who needed some help when it came to one of their patients. Because of the restrictions in place within this territory, the patient couldn’t leave – and Nadine couldn’t fly out there. So, she came up with something she later called Proximie.

Working Wonders

This web-based dashboard has since taken the world by storm, as it allows surgeons from across the world to connect with those in operating rooms elsewhere. They can guide, teach, and instruct the surgeons conducting the surgery even though they’re thousands of miles away. It has since been adopted by many countries and governments across the globe, and it could be hugely advantageous during the coronavirus lockdown.

Could we see more surgeons working from home?

OtterBox Gets Launches a Line of Accessories for Xbox Controllers

Designed for Xbox, OtterBox is bringing to market new accessories to complement controller + smartphone gaming in addition to gaming-specific smartphone accessories.For the past twenty years, OtterBox has targeted a less physically active but still sporty demographic with the company’s new line of gaming accessories. It is mostly for mobile players; however, there are a few items that event console gamers can enjoy to the fullest.

OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell

OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell Back This special accessory is installed on the handles of the standard Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S gamepad to prevent scrapes and nicks while leaving the buttons and thumbsticks free so their sensitivity won’t be affected in any way. The special grip pads on each side can be swapped out for easy cleaning and a whole different look. The shell costs $40 and comes in three color schemes: dark gray, light gray, or purple with green piping that glows in the dark.

Gaming Case

OtterBox hasn’t forgotten its core strength as a manufacturer of phone cases. The Easy-Grip Gaming Case costs $55 and offers an exterior that’s easy to hold, and it’s also bacteria-resistant, while the interior is designed to vent heat away from the device.

OtterBox Gaming CaseOtterBox’s products are precisely aimed at phone gamers, starting with the $30 Mobile Gaming Clip. It doesn’t look all that different from the products of other companies; however, the clip is more easily adjustable, even if people decide to use it with larger phones. It doesn’t use any kind of spring mechanics, so gamers can swap their device in and out with one hand if needed. It can also be taken off easily when you want to switch to using the controller with their computer or console instead. The clip folds flat for easy storage, even when it’s still attached to the gamepad.

These products may not be considered affordable, but neither is repairing a busted controller or phone. Pre-orders for OtterBox’s entire gaming line will start January 25 via Microsoft, GameStop, Verizon, and, of course, OtterBox’s site.