Why Silicon Valley Is Hot On These Machine-Washable Shoes

As the startup revolution has taken over Silicon Valley and the rest of the hi-tech world, tech company employees have jumped into not only their own products but those of their neighbors as well. If you took a look around Silicon Valley, you might see some of the biggest names in the business with some simple, yet stylish new shoes.


Allbirds are the new hype in Silicon Valley. The San Francisco based start up makes “the world’s most comfortable shoes,” or that’s at least according to its investors and its founders. These shoes have become a huge hit since the company’s founding in 2014. Allbirds’ sneakers are made from a super-soft Merino wool blend, which is proprietary.

Many big names within the industry could not help but get in on the action. Allbirds claims that Google co-founder Larry Page purchased a pair from them. Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer also is in on the Allbirds party. Venture capital firm v1.vc’s managing director Brett Jackson not only owns a pair but is an investor in the company (and he knows comfortable shoes from his days at Crocs).


Currently, Allbirds offers two options for its sneakers in both men’s and women’s sizes. If you are looking for maximum comfort and little effort, the Lounger, a model without laces, would be the perfect option. If you feel like you want the security of shoe laces, Allbirds offers the sleek Runner model.

Allbirds’ kicks are making moves in the perfect environment. The athleisure market has made major strides thanks to relaxed dress codes in the office. Mixing comfortable with stylish has become a healthy median between the buttoned up corporate world and the hoodie and jeans of the start-up world.

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As a major player in this changing market, Allbirds has worked to keep its financials reliable. They just finished raising $17.5 million in Series B funding. The new funds would go towards opening new stores and eventually launching a kids line of products.