Cash on Clash: The New Video App Can Facilitate Direct Earning for Creators

Before the global TikTok mania, there was Vine, acting as the short social media platform. One of Vine’s creators and one of its founders now have built a new video app with enhanced features. The new app Clash, with its new feature, is going to help content creators to make money more easily than TikTok or any other generally crowded social media app.

The New Feature of Clash

The new app Clash now includes a new feature, which will let any creator make money from their video content, regardless of follower count. This strategy comes as a direct response to social media creative platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where creators have to go through verification before starting to earn any money. Clash debuted in summer this year but was re-launched last week with this new feature. Through it, the creators will have the ability to simply shoot and edit video content in-app, share and earn directly. The key feature behind this process is called ‘drops,’ which acts as a virtual tip jar. Fans and followers can send drops to their favorite creators, which the creator can cash out easily using Venmo or Paypal. The minimum amount is 2,500 drops, equivalent to $25 USD.

The Startup

The startup behind Clash is actually the outcome of two companies merging. Vine founder Dom Hofmann created Byte, which was dubbed as a sequel to Vine. Now, this Byte was acquired by Clash co-founder and CEO Brandon McNerney, who was incidentally former content creator of Vine and also creative director at NeoReach. McNerny is the main mastermind behind re-launching TikTok rival Byte in the new avatar of Clash.

The Vision Behind

As Brandon McNerney explains, he wanted to provide the creators with an easy app, enabling them to make easy money on social media without the burden of any brand deal. As a former creator, he has come up with Clash, as an inherently fun medium for creators to use and also an easy platform to receive support directly from their audience, eventually cashing it out. Alongside, while the other crowded social media platforms and apps like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. cater to only the top 2% of global creators, Clash is created and designed with the novice and small creators in mind.

Vitapod Changes Regular Drinking Water Into Magical Wellness Drinks

It’s a common sight to pass a confused buyer looking at the endless rows full of unknown flavored heath drinks in any supermarket. But, all of these self-announced healthy drinks often come with at least a few strings attached. To help you out, a relatively new machine has promised to turn your regular tap water into personalized health drinks. Now you can fancy a drink whenever you want, served fresh from your kitchen countertop.

The Machine

This revolutionary new machine, named Vitapod, looks a bit familiar like a Keurig or similar kind of pod-based machine. But unlike others, Vitapod doesn’t come in handy in making coffee. Rather it filters water multiple times and mixes it with specially-formulated infusing pods within a jet-speed mixing chamber, before cooling the drinks down to ‘optimal’ drinking temperature.

The Pods

The star of the machine here is the pods, which are not just your go-to flavoring agents. With a wide range to choose from, these pods cover everything from electrolytes-enriched hydration with vitamins and minerals, to energy, immunity, and metabolism-boosting actions with active caffeine. All these health-beneficiary actions come in yummy flavors like cotton candy, iced tea, and various other fruity infusions.

The Worth

The Vitapod machine starter kit includes an 18.5 oz. sized bottle, and a variety pack of 10 pods. The cost of the kit is $199.99. Pods are also available in different packs of 30, with a price range from $34.99 to $44.99. Now, if you are already a mama’s boy and never forget to gulp your regular amount of water, this machine may not be on your wishlist but for those who don’t care about pouring liters of water inside or are simply bored with over-sweetened or strange-tasting health drinks, Vitapod is an interesting and sustainable option, sitting in your room.