‘Bye Bye Camera,’ Another App That Can Delete People From Your Perfect Shot

A photographer in New York City has decided to light up fun with a camera by building a new app he calls Bye Bye Camera. “Finally, you can take a selfie without yourself,” he says.

Damjanski, the street photographer who created an iOS app he calls ‘Bye Bye Camera’ has created this software in an amusing way that it can detect and remove anyone from any picture with AI. ‘It then paints the spots where it’s removed someone while their shadows are still there’ Damjanski says. ‘at least, now we can take pictures and find out that we’re not even in it, it’s like a post human thing’ he jokes.

‘Bye Bye Camera,’ Another App That Can Throw Out Humans

By analysis, Bye Bye Camera is an entertaining application, costing only $2.99 online, though it has some pretty bad sides. For instance, it can make a real mess of your picture after removing a person and painting their shadow. So, if you’re not ready for heartbreaks and necessarily in official situations, you should try a more professional app like Photoshop instead.

You should rather use it when you really want to get messy and awkward and play like a child, creatively. Like Damjanski said himself, “I think it’s a lot of fun. I am like a child creating impossible images out of images. Some crazy, some pretty, some stunning and some, you want to see them and keep laughing all day. That’s what creativity is about, and that’s what it’s like to be a child. So, I enjoy the mistakes.” He called it ‘post-human’ because it was originally inspired by climates that seem too intent on sending humans into extinction, and the app itself somehow does the same.

Bye Bye Camera, Another App That Can Throw Out Humans

While creating the app with his two of his friends where they and others pull ideas and resources together to make something new, they tried to make it really simple and straightforward. It detects object easily with an algorithm called You Only Look Once (usually shortened as YOLO). It also fills the spot it has detected and removed a person with AI systems without stress.

No doubt, such painting algorithms aren’t what you find easily, even though there have been a few other amusing apps that work on humans’ faces. FaceApp, for instance, can scan faces and change their age and gender. Snapchat can change gender too but above all, Adobe does it professionally, Nvidia does it better too.

Apart from using it to evict humans off their spaces in pictures, this app is all fun to try with artworks too. That is something a lot of people have tried out and enjoyed anyway.